Monday, February 23, 2015

Rare Shark That Inspired Sea Monster Myths Is Caught

About 140 Pilot Whales Die After Getting Stranded on New Zealand Beach

Rogue 'Electro-Fishing' Puts River Dolphins at Risk in Myanmar

Mysterious Sea Lion Die-Off Strikes Again on California Coast

Bright Pink Sea Slugs Invading New Habitats Due to Global Warming?

Rarely Seen Moonfish, Size of Manhole Cover, Caught on Camera

Captive Killer Whale Is Ruled to Be Member of Endangered Species

Cute Killers? Gray Seals Maul, Suffocate Seals and Porpoises, Studies Say

See-Through Fish Discovered Under Antarctica's Ice

Rare Shark That Inspired Sea Monster Myths Is Caught

Watch Jumbo Squid Speak by 'Flashing' Each Other

Sea slug 'lives like a plant' by stealing DNA from algae and using it for photosynthesis

Kitesurfer makes daring rescue of sea turtle

The pufferfish responsible for building mysterious circles on the sea bed has been named as a new species

Deadly shark attacks plummet to just three worldwide in 2014

Aerial footage of sperm whales in large numbers over the high seas of California

Watch: Baby humpback whale taken by orcas

World's rarest sea turtle found washed up on Devon beach

Dolphins Are Still Dying Five Years After the Deepwater Horizon Disaster

Hello, World! Baby Orca Surfaces, Joining Endangered Pod

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