Tuesday, July 08, 2014

HTTP Status Dogs and HTTP Status Cats

Sergeant Stubby Will Change The Way You Look At Your Dog

Dolly Parton offers to adopt abandoned Glastonbury dog

Are Farm Dogs Happier Than Lap Dogs?

This Huge Dog Refuses To Jump On The Bed Himself, So His Human Is Forced To Lift Him

Philadelphia's Cats in Windows

10 dogs that live to play fetch

Meet Ginny, the happiest dog on the Internet

HTTP Status Dogs

HTTP Status Cats

This Baby Laughing At Her Dog’s Kisses Will Instantly Brighten Your Day

This Is Quite Possibly The Saddest Cat You’ll Ever See

Rare Amazon Jungle Dog Caught on Video

Cat walks dog? This odd couple is changing the rules

How to use your cat photos for good

This Is Quite Possibly The Saddest Cat You’ll Ever See

This Cat Worked Really Hard To Get Into His Hammock

Dog Stacks Things On Head, Also Stacks Things On Butt

14 Extinct Dog Breeds You Will Never Get To Pet

If I fits, I sits: 18 photos that prove cats can get comfortable anywhere

23 silly cat tongues to rule them all

5 most popular cat names of all time

All hail the cult status of the Shiba Inu

18 things you didn't know about dog paws

Cat freed after getting stuck behind bathroom tiles

Photo competition launched to find Britain's naughtiest pet

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