Monday, June 09, 2014

War Dogs

War Dogs

In dogs’ play, researchers see honesty and deceit, perhaps something like morality

Cartoon Kittens and Big-Eyed Puppies: How We Bought Into Processed Pet Food

The World's First Wingsuit BASE Jumping Dog

Meet Moe, The Cat Who Plays Jenga

Celebrating the dogs of war: The noble lives of combat canines

Dogs at War: Smoky, a Healing Presence for Wounded WWII Soldiers, Left Behind in Vietnam, Judy, Canine Prisoner of War, Caesar, One of the First Marine Dogs in the Pacific and Three-Legged Dog Delivers Crucial Message in WWI.

Cat people vs. dog people: Who's more outgoing? More intelligent?

Charcoal the dog really loves his bucket

Dogs know you have cancer before you do

Dogs herd elephants at zoo

Blind dog plays fetch using verbal cues

Soggy doggies: Photographer captures the hilarious expressions of sopping wet canines

This sleeping bag attachment keeps canine campmates warm, secure

How to introduce a new dog to your family's pack

17 dogs sleeping however they want

Dog watches over disabled kitten

30 great Instagram accounts for dog lovers

'Decoding Your Dog' demystifies the canine mind

Cat communication: What do all those different meows mean?

24 Cats Who Realize They’ve Made A Huge Mistake

This Adorable Kitten Attack Will Make Your Heart Giggle

12 Reasons Frank And Beans Should Be Your Favorite New Kittens

These Dog’s Reaction To Getting Sprayed With Water Is So Freaken Adorable

16 Dogs Who Are Totally Over This Whole Walking Thing

The 61 Most Awkward Moments In The History Of Dogs

Meet The World’s Cutest Ninja Cat With Only Two Paws

27 Cats Who Are Masters Of Making Biscuits

The 37 Absolute Greatest Photos Of Cats In The Bathroom

The Friendship Between A Kid And Her Dog Will Melt Your Heart

Come here often?

Tuxedo cat is at your service

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