Wednesday, June 11, 2014

15 Adorable Real Names For Groups Of Animals

Grey wolf appears in Iowa for first time in 89 years – and is shot dead

Humans are fascinated by our fellow animals – is that just an evolutionary hangover or something more profound?

Strange animals may have their own distinct nervous system

Tiger Photos Roam Wild on Online Dating Sites

Bats Have Sparkly Poop

Infertility in Spanish Pigs Has Been Traced to Plastics. A Warning for Humans?

No Longer a Loner, Westernmost Wolf in Lower 48 States Is a Dad

Last Stand for U.S. Ocelots?

Seabirds Can Spy Fishing Boats From 7 Miles Away, Scientists Find

17 Animals Who Were Totally Caught In The Act

19 Reasons Ferrets Make The Most Adorable Pets

Species Extinction Happening 1,000 Times Faster Because of Humans?

Madagascar Could Be on the Brink of Invasion by Asian Toad

Longest Migration Among African Mammals Discovered

Why Fly? Flightless Bird Mystery Solved, Say Evolutionary Scientists

Cracking Mystery Reveals How Electronics Affect Bird Migration

Tiny hamster with big appetite eats miniature burritos

15 Adorable Real Names For Groups Of Animals

21 Pets Who Are Plotting Their Escape

This fox really knows how to strike a pose

Tiny frogs use concrete storm drains as megaphones

9 birds that set records for their amazing flights

Extinct bat rediscovered after 120 years without a sighting

This is the early bird that caught the worm

Why koalas hug trees

17 Ridiculously Photogenic Animals

19 Animal GIFs That Will Make You Appreciate The Beauty Of Nature

Meet the World Cup's endangered armadillo mascot

12 elusively blue animals: The rarest critters of them all

18 photos of adorable chicks in nests

New Zealand: Landslide kills rare flightless parrot

West Midlands Safari Park elephant 'takes selfie' with dropped mobile phone

Europe's vultures under threat from drug that killed millions of birds in Asia

Endangered quoll discovered on Western Australian island

37 Animals Who Failed So Spectacularly They Almost Won

14 Pictures That Prove Animals Are Better Than People

Flying squirrel and eyeless spider discovered in Greater Mekong

Alarm raised after cane toad-like species discovered in Melbourne

Video shows first hand how polar bears behave in the wild

Animal photos of the week

Four-tonne rhinoceros airlifted to new home in South Africa

The 26 Most Badass Animals From World War II

19 Chipmunks Who Are Proud Of Their Cheeks

French town on snake alert after two boa constrictors spotted on loose

Jogger escapes bear mauling by playing dead

14 new dancing frog species discovered – just as they are about to become extinct

Photo: Litter of raccoon kits

Baby sloths make adorable squeaking noises

7 Cool Critters That Have Mastered the Art of Camouflage

6 Adorable Animals That Are Surprisingly Dangerous

After a 2,500-Mile Trek, Four Bears Leave Their Zoo Days Behind

23 Animals That Look Like Donuts

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