Tuesday, April 08, 2014

The Murmurations of Starlings

17 Terrifying X-Rays That Will Forever Change The Way You Look At Animals

Meet Lacey The Alpaca And Her Cute Kitten Friends

The Murmurations of Starlings

Goats are far more clever than previously thought

One of World's Last Sumatran Rhinos Dies at Cincinnati Zoo

Pheasant 'terrorist' tormenting a Cambridgeshire farm

Giant pythons have 'homing instinct'

Why Do Animals Sometimes Kill Their Babies?

March Comes In Like Four Seriously Cute Lions

Twitchers flock to see great spotted cuckoo

Watch a Giant Panda Cuddle Her Baby Back to Bed

No bull! Buffaloes run free in Sydney

Climate Change Shrinks Salamanders

An Elephant Met Another Elephant for the First Time in 37 Years And It Was Adorable as Expected

Copenhagen Zoo Kills 4 Lions After Controversial Giraffe Death

8 things you didn't know about guinea pigs

PHOTOS: One Very Hungry Snake Eats a Crocodile

Animal rescue center tries 'OWLcupuncture' to heal wounded bird

In pictures: Top British garden birds revealed

Crows solve puzzles on par with 7-year-olds

How to support your local wildlife this spring

This Bunny Has Perfect, Luscious Donald Trump Hair

George Clooney inspired Arnold Schwarzenegger to get a pig

Rescuers airlift horse out of Angeles National Forest

Baby rhino goes on daily runs with her rescuers

Cute Clouded Leopard Cubs Born in Denver

Discovery of 13 dead birds of prey in small area of Highlands is 'unprecedented'

Animal photos of the week

Sumatran tiger cubs explore their enclosure at London Zoo for first time

Python in the dog house after eating family pet

Detroit Should Use Goats To Mow Vacant Lots

Coo, what a cheek! The woodpigeon really is the bully of the bird table

Python eats croc: when two (or more) species go to war - the 12 most amazing animal battles ever recorded

This sad map shows where lions used to live (red) and where they remain today (blue)

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