Thursday, February 13, 2014

25 Critters That Will Kill You (With Their Cuteness)


Wildlife wonders - creatures up close

Christmas continues in Cramlington after blackbird lays eggs in tree

Flatulent cows start fire at German dairy farm

It came from the bog: New 'swamp monster' skull unearthed in Texas

Flying snake morphs into UFO shape to glide

Strange friendship with a Bengal tiger

A baby elephant feeding egrets

Nuisance sheep stop children playing outside at Rawtenstall school

Woolly Mammoths Wiped Out by Grass Invasion?

Nature photographer contest winners show off their amazing images

Mustangs of the West: Why this American icon is disappearing

27 Tiny Animals That Will Warm Your Heart Today

Rare Pictures: Snow Leopards Caught in Camera Trap

23 Everyday Awkward Situations

18-foot Burmese python tips the scales at 150 pounds

Fat camp for elephants planned in California

Golf ball lands on gator's head

Good News for Bats? Species Bouncing Back in Europe

Even Penguins Are Taking Antidepressants This Winter?

17 Signs You Might Be Really Obsessed With Your Cat

Rescued coyote pup's tale tells a story of trust

23 adorable photos that will change the way you think about rats

Jackdaws protect their nests 'with bright eyes'

15 Animals Who Are Terrible Hiders But Don’t Tell Them Cuz They’re So Cute About It

Seven surprising facts about vultures

Puma paid unexpected visit to house in Chile

25 Critters That Will Kill You (With Their Cuteness)

'World's oldest flamingo' dies in Australian zoo at 83

'Surplus' giraffe put down at Copenhagen Zoo

The dumbest bird in the world

Strange Pinocchio lizard was discovered in Ecuador

New Research Reveals How Polar Bears Stay Warm

Animal photos of the week

17 Animals Saying Ha-Ay

Calf fitted with pair of prosthetic hind legs after losing his to frostbite

Crocodile catches impala mid-spring in dramatic amateur footage

Raccoon Amazingly Survives Four-Week Transatlantic Voyage With No Food

Wildlife in suburbia: Photographer watches fox kits grow up

At 63 years old, Wisdom the Laysan albatross hatches another chick

Unexpectedly Stealthy Elephant Photobombs Oblivious Photographers

The Daily Wild: Nature's Most Incredible Creatures

Giraffe Surprises South African Diners by Strolling Into Restaurant

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