Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How Animals Get High In Nature

Animals in the News. Great photographs.

12 Incredible Snapshots of Chameleons Launching Their Tongues at Prey

Biggest new animal discoveries of 2013 (photos)

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How Animals Get High In Nature

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The incredible science behind starling murmurations

Prairie dogs perform contagious Mexican wave

How many meerkats do we have? London Zoo kicks off 2014 animal census

Man Rescues Deer from Frozen River

Emperor penguins beat ice cliffs to breed

National Zoo's Panda Bao Bao Readies for Big Debut

Dog virus threatens India's dwindling tiger population

Squirrel trashes home leaving £7,000 repair bill

Fall in love with pygmy raccoons

Japan's owl cafes: Harmful or a hoot?

100,000 bats fall dead from the sky during a heatwave in Australia

Officials Seize Two 200-Pound Tigers From Arizona Backyards

The 9 Most Unexpected Animal Sounds

15 Reasons Camels Are Nightmare Creatures From Hell

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Bird Steals Camera, Shoots Amazing Footage Of Penguin Colony

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