Monday, July 01, 2013

Google 4

Net pioneer warns of digital 'Dark Age'

Why Google Glass Broke

Meet Spot, Google's New Robo-Dog That Won't Fall Over — Even If You Kick It Super Hard

Ten Years of Google Maps, From Slashdot to Ground Truth

The Simple, Elegant Algorithm That Makes Google Maps Possible

Googlers’ Epic Hack Exploits How Memory Leaks Electricity

Google: Our new system for recognizing faces is the best one ever

Google's Internal Response To The Imminent EU Charges

Q and A: What’s it like to have Google and Amazon try to kill your start-up?

My voice is my passport: Android gets a “Trusted Voice” smart lock

An interview with a Google Street View driver

Google’s Ingenious Plan to Make Apps Obsolete

Ex-Google exec Andy Rubin launches new startup lab

Google Contributor will let you pay a monthly fee to see select websites without ads

Thoughts on Google+

Google Glass Deal Thrusts Intel Deeper Into Wearable Tech

When G.M. Was Google

Here’s What Each State Googled More Than Any Other State In 2014

Google Now Is The Killer App For Android Wear

Inside Google’s ambitious plan to change the Internet forever

10 URLs That Every Google User Should Know

Assange: Google Is Not What It Seems

Google Launches Inbox to Reinvent the Email App

Google Glass user treated for internet addiction caused by the device

Google Street Art Project

In case you missed it, Google CEO Sergey Brin publicly admitted last week that Google+ was "a mistake" for him — one month after the man he hired to run the social network, Vic Gundotra, left the company without explanation

Here are the 31 countries Google Maps won’t draw borders around

Fred Goodwin's house removed from Google Street View

Google Loon Wi-Fi balloon creates panic in New Zealand

Google I/O in photos: Keynotes, crowds, and Androids all over the place

Inside the Google World Cup War Room (Video)

Google removing 'right to be forgotten' search links in Europe

Protesters briefly disrupt Google I/O, referencing evictions, “robots that kill”

Gmail's Infinite Email Addresses: How to Make the Most of Them

If You Use an Old Browser, Google Searches for You Like it's 2011

Free Up Space in Gmail: How to Clear Out Your Email

Exposing What Exactly You Wrote That Made Gmail Show You Those Ridiculous Ads

A Google Employee Says Google Employees Are Too Confident, And Too Isolated From The Real World

Dear Google, please fix plain text emails in Gmail

Google, Facebook, Netflix Make Their Official Case for Net Neutrality

Lifehacker Pack for Android Tablets: Our List of the Essential Apps

The Man Who Will Build Google’s Elusive Quantum Computer

Google Launches Private SF Bay Ferry Service To Shuttle Workers

I, Glasshole: My Year With Google Glass

Google Tools for Globetrotters

Google to delete satellite image showing slain teen's body

The Plus in Google Plus? It’s Mostly for Google

Gmail's 'unsubscribe' tool comes out of the weeds

10 Bizarre (Yet Real) Google Search Suggestions Get Pictured

If this doesn't terrify you... Google's computers OUTWIT their humans

Google Adds to Its Menagerie of Robots

What Happens to Google Maps When Tectonic Plates Move?

Google is Breaking the Internet

Why I'm sending back Google Glass

Google Maps' impressive attention to detail

Google’s New Self-Driving Car Ditches the Steering Wheel

Google gets 12,000 requests to be 'forgotten' on first day

The weird Google searches of the unemployed and what they say about the economy

Why the future belongs to Google

Google begged Steve Jobs for permission to hire engineers for its new Paris office. Guess what happened next…

How I joined Google

Googles Project Tango

Old Newspapers Archive by Google!

Google, once disdainful of lobbying, now a master of Washington influence

I Was Assaulted For Wearing Google Glass In The Wrong Part Of San Francisco

Google kills fake anti-virus app that hit No. 1 on Play charts

10 URLs That Every Google User Should Know

How Google's Autocomplete Was ... Created / Invented / Born

Google's 15th birthday: 15 things you didn't know

Must-have Chrome extensions and apps that will improve your Google Chrome browser experience

The Best Feature of Google Chrome You Aren’t Using

How to Host your Websites on Google Drive

Here's the Miley Cyrus Web censor you've been waiting for

Your secret Wi-Fi password is no secret to Google

Google Street View driver made to swear on statue of the Buddha that he was not a spy
Google goes dark for 2 minutes, kills 40% of world's net traffic

How Google flushes knowledge down the toilet

First US surgery transmitted live via Google Glass

As Android Rises, App Makers Tumble Into Google’s ‘Matrix of Pain’

Google to use your name and photo to endorse products you have reviewed - and they won't ask you first

Bing Vs. Google Edition: A Comprehensive List Of What Americans Want To Know

Google Retail Stores Planned In Los Angeles And San Francisco

Google publishes – then removes – a post stating that Fiber will launch in Austin, Texas next

Google Paid This Man $100 Million: Here's His Story

Google chief urges action to regulate mini-drones

Google reveals Glass specs: one-day battery life, bone conduction audio, 16GB storage

8 Gmail Hacks That Will Change The Way You Use Email

Google making the Web faster with protocol that reduces round trips

Google’s Quantum Computer Proven To Be Real Thing (Almost)

How Google built a 108 terapixel time-lapse portrait of Earth

Google blimps will carry wireless signal across Africa

Keep Boredom At Bay With Playable Google Doodles

Revealed: Google and Facebook DID allow NSA access to data and were in talks to set up 'spying rooms' despite denials by Zuckerberg and Page over PRISM project

Google conquers cartography again with faster, cleaner, smarter Maps

Why People Hate The Google Bus

How Google Music wants to take on Spotify, Rdio and Rhapsody

The surprising ways that Google can track everything that you do online

Google Just Made A Genius Change To The Gmail App Allowing It To Take Over The iPhone

Researchers Hack Building Control System at Google Australia Office

Why Gmail 2013 Sucks

Is Google Glass Bad for Your Eyes?

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