Monday, January 21, 2013

A Polar Bear's First Birthday

It’s Official: Vietnam’s Javan Rhino Is Extinct. Which Species Is Next?

Animals Beat The Heat In Australia With Cold Treats

Pictures: Florida Wildlife Corridor to Protect Bears, Panthers

Albino-like Bald Eagle Spotted in Washington State

Primitive and Peculiar Mammal May Be Hiding Out in Australia

Unpleasant pheasant picks on postman

16 amazing photos of Alaskan wildlife

Python Challenge: Hunters descend on Florida Everglades to catch giant invasive snakes

Animals chill by the poolside [Photos]

Top 10 Animal Discoveries Of 2012 - Shocking, Bizarre and Amazing

Wallaby named Wilf living in Cambridgeshire garden

PETA investigation uncovers abuse at North Carolina bear attraction

Zoo animals frolic in the snow [Photos]

Condors drive cougars to kill more

Rare jaguar cubs born at Milwaukee zoo

Caged cameraman films polar bear attack

Probably confused swan cordoned off by Italian police

Most violent giraffe fight ever filmed goes viral

Odd, ancient bird had sharp teeth

Penguins' private lives recorded in Antarctica

Penguin, bullfrog and meerkat populations recorded at British zoos [Photos]

Snake clings to Qantas plane's wing during flight

Crappy end to a spiky rescue

Rare tragopan pheasants sent from Highland Wildlife Park to India

Pandas May Have Secret Superbug Weapon

New species of flying frog found

'Bloated' ducks in danger after over-indulging on white bread

Animal pictures of the week

Deer injures woman in Chelmsford High Street

Songbirds 'possess a musical instrument more complex than anything found in an orchestra'

Endangered Moon Bears Rehomed in Chinese Sanctuary

This Baby Rhinoceros Will Wipe Your Cares Away

Melbourne Police Chase A Kangaroo Through A Parking Garage

Meet The Happiest Animal In The World

Rescuer lassos deer off frozen lake

25 Hedgehogs Trying To Escape Their Identity

23 Animals Defying Gravity

Turtle Escapes After 70 Years

A Polar Bear's First Birthday

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