Monday, January 14, 2013

8 Things You Should Read & See About Captive Orcas

Were people trying to ride a sick sperm whale?

'T. Rex' of the seas called first top killer

Octopus crawls out of water and walks on land

French eel conservation work viewed by Gloucestershire team

Thousands of turtles released into Bolivian river

Scottish Marine Protected Areas scheme to be unveiled

Why females grey seals are getting photo identifications

Found: Whale Thought Extinct for 2 Million Years

Mystery of Mass Squid 'Suicides' Possibly Solved

Image Gallery: Humboldt Squid Stranding

Seal spotted swimming in flooded field 50 miles inland

12 Reasons Why Hawaiian Monk Seals Are Adorable

7 Things About Wild Killer Whales You'll Never Learn at SeaWorld

China, Shark Tank Cracks

Whale whodunit: How investigators solve marine deaths

Flaming-Orange Shellfish Reef Found in Scotland

Ice Seals Get Endangered Species Protection

Meet the woman battling Japan's whaling fleet in Antarctic ocean

Wild Dolphins Observed Giving Gifts to Humans

A Couple Of Sea Lions Sharing A Laugh After A Mud Bath

Sharp-eared Robots Find Whales—And Help Them Escape Danger

Pike found choked on zander in Netherlands

'Extinction threat' for UK orcas

Endangered Beluga Whales See Slight Population Uptick

US government sued over endangered sea turtles

UK Floods: 'Bob' the seal seen enjoying marina waters miles from sea

A million migrating fish climb largest ladder

When a dozing otter steals the show

River Otter Found Living in San Francisco Ruins (Photos)

How Fish Evolved to Climb Waterfalls With Their Mouths

Photos: Humboldt Squid Have a Bad Day at the Beach

Were killer whales trapped by climate change?

Rare dolphin 'stampede' caught on video

Giant squid filmed alive in its natural habitat for the first time [Video]

Basking shark's amazing journey to the tropics

'Giant' squid turning up off Dana Point coast

Shark embryos 'freeze' to evade predators

The Extreme Abilities of Elephant Seals

Wild Dolphins Observed Bringing Gifts to Humans

8 Things You Should Read & See About Captive Orcas

Crayfish Harbor Fungus That's Wiping Out Amphibians

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