Thursday, December 06, 2012

Fox steals phone and sends text message

Meet Tinker, The Salvation Army Mini-Horse

Teacher sentenced to 8 months for killing rabbits in class

Fox steals phone and sends text message

Pictures: Overpass Helps Pronghorn Migration

The 50 Best Animal Photos Of 2012

Escaped donkeys visited railway station

Pictures: Falcon Massacre Uncovered in India

Baby elephant will stay in Portland, Ore.

Lions face shrinking savannahs in Africa

Ridiculously cute sloth baby flashes a goofy grin [Photo]

Emu 'arrested' in North Devon

Ear for familiar voice helps lemurs avoid inbreeding

Fidgety panda cub shows off belly

18 don't miss animal photos from November

Photo of rare, mysterious cat wins competition

Good Samaritans save deer stranded in waters off Maui

Birds use cigarette butts to line nests, St Andrews University study finds

Alaskan black guillemots fight ice retreat

Baby of brood is 'best explorer' in zebra finches

Ice Age warmth wiped out lemmings, study finds

Russian children who found lion cub took it to school

Boa Constrictors Invade Puerto Rico

Bizarre Insectlike Creatures Discovered in Spanish Cave

Bear hunting in California: the end of an era

Eyewitness: New Guinea

Not-so wily fox rescued after getting itself stuck

Thailand hunts for killer tiger

Britain's oldest tortoise celebrates 130th birthday

Wombats hit by killer plants

New Mexico's Mystery Bird Baffles Wildlife Experts

Mob tries to set helpless bear ablaze in Kashmir, probe ordered

Photo of the Day: Baby Harp Seal Cuteness

17 Photos Of Capybaras Relaxing In Japanese Hot Springs

29 Animals Waving Goodbye For The Winter

Rescued Cat And Rescued Rabbit Are Best Friends Forever

Bowerbirds Use Geometry to Woo Females

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