Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bird Removed From Zoo Display For Hurling Expletives at Guests

This Polar Bear Hates Santa

Bunny Knows What Time It Is

This Goat Wears Pink Rain Boots To Help With Her Arthritis

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Chameleons

Eight Animals Tricksters

How did zebras get their stripes?

Animal Photos Of The Week


Vodka 'saved' elephants in Siberian freeze

Trapped Tigress Is Rescued

Panda cub hits 'terrible toddler' stage

American Buff-Bellied Pipit spotted at Queen Mother Reservoir

Crocodile's flying leap at swimmer in Australia

Revealed: Rudolph Really Did Have a Red Nose

Elephants Near Timbuktu Make Astonishing Migration Treks

Cutest Baby Animals at U.S. Zoos (PHOTOS)

Zoo Babies 2012: Adorable Baby Animal Pictures From Around The World (PHOTOS)

Barnwood bunnies' disappearance investigated

Pygmy Elephants Get Protection Boost from Genetics

Rare Bear Has Twins at National Zoo

Video Reveals Rare Tiger Cubs in Sumatran Forest

What the male bowerbird can teach us about home furnishings

Malaysia seizes 1,500 elephant tusks headed for China

Top ten tigers on the big screen

Two Clouded Leopard Cubs Arrive In San Diego

8 Photos Of Animals Having Christmas At The Zoo

Cheetahs get workout at horse track

Giraffe battle filmed for new David Attenborough series

Rhinos found to have secret liaisons at night

Christmas comes early for Australian zoo animals

Art of Nature: African wildlife photographed by Heinrich van den Berg

Here from Lapland for Christmas, the birds that sound like sleigh bells

Extravagant, yes, exotic, certainly – but black swans aren't as rare as you may think

Lucifer The Lion Gets A Christmas Present

Firefighters and RSPCA rescue fox trapped in car wheel

Plunge Diving Cape Gannets As Seen from Beneath the Waves

Bird Removed From Zoo Display For Hurling Expletives at Guests

Photo of the Day: Galloping Giraffes

30 Biggest Stories of the Year in Animal Conservation and Extinctions

Ansel Adams' Photographs Remind Us of the Importance of Preserving our Wilderness Parks

The 40 Cutest Things That Happened In 2012

Say Hello To Santa-Gator

The 14 Most Useless Owls On Instagram

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