Thursday, October 25, 2012

25 Adorably Tragic Half-Shaved Animals

Mouse house

13 Excruciatingly Cute Pictures Of An Orphaned Baby Elephant Being Raised By Humans

An All-Inclusive Family Portrait

9 Baby Animals You'll Find On An African Safari

Amazing Facts About Pelicans!

Croc-Catching, Snake-Wrestling Brady Barr Talks About His Work

Unsociable Hedgehog

Pictures: Best Wild Animal Photos of 2012 Announced

Extraordinary measures at Denver Zoo save life of tapir baby

Singing Mice Learn New Tunes

Turtles Urinate Via Their Mouths—A First

Snow Leopards Need To Be Protected ... But How?

Inbreeding has long history in koala population

Rare frog's thumb dagger helps during mating and dueling

Australian zookeeper crushed by elephant

Did lioness really befriend baby antelope in photographs?

Sumatran tiger shows off its massive barbed tongue [Photo]

Roo's flying visit to Melbourne Airport

6 unbelievable animals

Tibetan mountain finch rediscovered after 80 years

Penguin power wins photo prize

Three quarters of rats in parts of West 'resistant to poison'

Rocky Mountain Critters Captured Close-Up in New Photos

Baby Panda Pics: See A Cub Growing Up

Raptors Grab a Breather at San Francisco's Hawk Hill

Elephant hair helps them stay cool

Urban fox spotted trying to break into upstairs window

Nepal hunts man-eating leopard that has killed five people

Guinea pig survived over four hours in tumble dryer

Animal pictures of the week

'Stranded' goat evades rescuers after three-hour mission to save it

Photo of the Day: A Comical Bird in a Moment of Beauty

Sooty Owl Chicks Are Way Too Fluffy-Tiny To Actually Exist

Just A Polar Bear Frolicking In A Flower Patch

25 Adorably Tragic Half-Shaved Animals

Gaze Into The Eyes Of The Cutest Lion Cub Of All Time

Baby Elephant Rescued And Reunited With Mom

Welcome To The World, Incredibly Adorable Baby Meerkats

13 Animals Who Earned Degrees While You Still Have Not

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