Friday, September 14, 2012

British Wildlife Photography Award winners 2012

Man's close moose encounter

Rare four-legged chicken hatches

Pyrenean desman: On the trail of Europe's weirdest beast

This ugly little creature may hold the key to the fountain of youth

Pictures: Pygmy Sloth Among 100 Species Most At Risk

Albatross's Effortless Flight Decoded—May Influence Future Planes

A horse walks into a bar ...

Painting elephant fetches $2,000 apiece

Activists protest against Spanish bull-spearing festival

Scientists discover how to modify dreams in rats

Virgin births discovered in wild snakes

British Wildlife Photography Award winners 2012

Cheetah's speed secrets are revealed

'Alien mammal' invasion of Europe

Skunk gets head stuck in mayo jar

Can city cemeteries be nature reserves?

The secret life of seabirds

Crows Hold Grudges in Humanlike Fashion

Yellowstone Wolves Hit by Disease

It's a Boy! San Diego Zoo's Newest Panda Cub Is Male

Love and other animals - To black vultures, infidelity doesn't come without consequences

Pony express: Runaway horse in train track drama

Javan rhino clings to survival in last forest stronghold

Emu underpass planned for Australia's Pacific Highway

Seagulls invade cities because of collapse of fishing and rise in recycling food

Wet summer leads to mole explosion in British gardens

Hyenas are as bright as primates, research shows

Python struggles with zoo keepers in annual check

Putin pilots hang-glider to lead endangered cranes on migration route

Three Perfect Photos Of Alpaca Faces

The 20 Funnest Animal Parties Ever

Teaspoon-Sized Baby Hedgehog Party

Animal Photos Of The Week

Dead Fish, Birds Wash Up On Lake Erie Shores In Latest Mystery


Fairfield farm animals are victims of spray paint

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