Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tiny The Cat's Amazing Weight Loss Journey

aww these guys are such nice friends

Olympic athletes and their pets

Dog poop, our overlooked environmental hazard: Infographic

Loyal Labrador known as 'Jurong's Hachiko' to be adopted

Cat electrocuted; East Delhi goes powerless for 24 hours

Pet rescue stories you won't be scared to read

A Dog Adopts A Baby White Lion Cub And It's Adorable

Amazing Dogs On Surfboards

This Cat Loves Internet Puppies As Much As We All Do

6 People Spend 3 Days Saving Kitten Stuck in Epoxy Glue

25 Dogs With Underbites

15 Wacky Pet Dye Jobs: Hot Or Not?

The Queen's Corgis Stole The Opening Ceremony Show

21 Puppy And Kitten Yearbook Photos, Revealed!

Cruel yobs glue cat’s mouth shut

NyaRan, Japan's Travel Agency Spokes-Cat

Wackiest Pet Names Awarded By VPI Pet Insurance


Double pickle for cat

Nancy Jones saved by dog in gas leakSmooth criminal

Dog Shaming

Dogs tied to railroad tracks

My cats hate to go to the vet. How can I make it easier on them and me?

Fine living for Fido: The Big Apple gets its first dog resort

Pet named Cat of Year for helping boy with selective mutism
Doggie Diagnosis: Tail Chasing Resembles Human Compulsive Behavior

Tiny The Cat's Amazing Weight Loss Journey

22 Puppies That Love Reading

19 Reasons Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Two Tiny Kittens Rescued From A Junk Pile

Police called to chihuahua terrorising neighbourhood
Cats And Cows

50 Snapshots Of Fashionable Japanese Dogs

25 Dogs Who Can't Stop Giggling

Toxoplasmosis & Brain Cancer: Cats Don't Give Disease To Owners After All, Study Shows

How expensive is owning a pet? [Infographic]

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