Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Evolution of the Web

Mozilla's browser OS gets partners and a name: Firefox OS

Apple expected to launch 7.85-screen mini iPad later this year

Revealed: iPad prototype from 2002 that Steve Jobs denied existed

Kodak loses patent case against Apple, again, then appeals, again

Apple pulls Bitdefender's privacy app Clueful

Want pain? Try loading today’s websites over dial-up

The Evolution of the Web. Interesting.

BBC Finds Badly Targeted Facebook Ads Don’t Work. No Kidding.

Censoring The Pirate Bay is Futile, ISPs Reveal

Facebook 'photo virus' spreads via email

Megaupload: U.S. Government Trying to Rewrite the Rules

Successful Forerunners To The World Wide Web You Probably Never Heard Of

Yahoo Voice Hacked, Usernames and Passwords Posted Online

15 Cool Facts About Google’s Summer of Code

Inside Google’s Fascinating Stash of 10,000 Indoor Maps

Google Launches MyTracks 2.0 GPS App For Hikers, Bikers & Runners

More malware found hosted in Google's official Android market

Sparrow acquired by Google, team to work on "new projects"

Facebook vs. Google? Maybe not

Microsoft reports first quarterly loss EVER in 26-year history as a public company

Microsoft code contains the phrase 'big boobs' ... Yes, really

Microsoft Details Office Web Apps Enhancements

Security flaws signal early death of Windows Gadgets

70 Fantastic Bing Tricks for Students & Librarians

7 Awesome Alternatives To Windows Search

Alive and Booting: 8 Reasons The PC Still Matters

5 Things To Do Before You Give Back Your Work PC

The Book of Mozilla

Kinect-based medical startup Jintronix wins International Startup Festival’s top prize

Adidas miCoach out now on European Xbox 360s and PS3s, connects to cameras and own hardware

The 12 Best Arcade Games Nobody Played

Nintendo vs Sega: Video Game Logo Evolution

Nintendo Says Wii U Is Going To Be ‘Important For The World’

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