Thursday, July 12, 2012

Clint Eastwood as a Dog

Twitter used to locate lost dog that took a train ride to Dublin

Clint Eastwood as a Dog

Taiwan photographer records shelter dogs' last moments [Photos]

Who Cleans Up After Seeing Eye Dogs?

Warren Jeffs' cult accused of sending kitten BURIED ALIVE in concrete to threaten man who deserted polygamous sect

Kitten in Plymouth bin saved from crusher by dustbinmen

Insurance claim over dead cat backfires on Tacoma man

The 12 Cats Of The Zodiac

Dogs may protect babies from infections

Dogs' evolution shows why they 'love' gnawing on bones

Bat-Stache Cat

11 Felines Who Put Safety First

Ducks are great mothers

Seabirds study: 90 percent swallowed plastic

8 Species That Are Threatening to Swarm the Globe

Birds With Arms

Chimp stuck up a chimney? Do not call the fire brigade

Cloned Horses Can Now Compete in the Olympics

Bear cubs found in the back seat of a car

Bears Everywhere

Pictures: Lions vs. Hippo

Possible mammoth cemetery found in Serbia

Nature's big picture: Rarest snake

Related birds evolve different songs and colours

There's a Crocodile on the Loose in Bavaria

In Photos: The King Penguins of Possession Island

5 Killer Creatures: Surprisingly Deadly Animals

Majestic Endangered Goat Making Comeback in Pakistan

Naked Mole Rat Offers Clue to Long Life

Baby panda dies in Tokyo zoo of pneumonia

Rare black tiger photographed

Angry birds: the perils of keeping chickens

Teenager sacrifices hand in alligator attack to save himself

Probe under way after 30 swans found dead in Cardiff

17 Animals All Ready For Bed

Furry Bears Use Pools To Escape Weather

Major operation launched as 11 firemen close road to rescue trapped PIGEON

Three-Week Old Baby Amur Tiger Gets A Bath

This Hamster Is Eating Spaghetti

Elephant Mother Rescues Baby Trapped In Mud

Thousands of crocodiles rescued from smugglers in China

Elephant Pictures: Mighty Pachyderms And Adorable Babies

Horse Impales Own Forehead, Survives, Becomes Internet Unicorn

Shock over monkey filmed lying in Indian hospital bed

Indonesian zoo aims to stub out orangutan's smoking habit
Cheetah Twins Arrive at Denver Zoo

South Korea under pressure to scrap whaling plan

Whales, gas and climate: A gray tale

Caribbean Crustacean Named for Bob Marley

Likely Source of Animals' Magnetic Sense Identified

Tricky Cuttlefish Put on Gender-Bending Disguise

Baby leatherback turtles die in their thousands in Trinidad blunder

China launches piranha hunt after attacks

Cape Cod shark: Kayaker says he 'just paddled' as Jaws fears bite

Amazing Newly Discovered Microorganisms from Our Oceans

Seal Island: Where Great White Sharks Hunt Seals Inside a Ring of Death

Orphaned Baby Beluga Drinking Out Of A Bottle

Elusive Killer Ants Explained; Bop Insects on Heads

UK's flying ant swarms are counted

Who What Why: Are British slugs under threat?

Black Widow Spiders May Have Met Their Match

World's Tiniest Fly May Decapitate Ants, Live in Their Heads

New infestation of 'hazardous' moth identified

The Praying Mantis Life Cycle in Pictures

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