Wednesday, July 25, 2012

9 Fitness Myths We Still Believe

Boy with massive tumour growing from his neck sent for treatment in U.S. after being rescued in daring raid on gang-infested Mexican neighbourhood

Drinking sugary drinks doesn't just pile on the pounds - it changes your body so it's harder to lose weight

The baby who helped her paralyzed dad walk and talk again

Li Hongfang, Woman Disfigured By Facial Tumors, Undergoes Incredible Transformation (PHOTOS)

Polypill: The magic pill that could add 11 years to your life

When pets treat diseases: researchers create potential therapy for muscular dystrophy from the venom of Rosie, their pet tarantula

10 Most Serious Public Health Scares Ever

9 Fitness Myths We Still Believe

7 anti-aging tips to help you make it to the century mark

Scorpion Venom Heals Drug-Resistant Bacteria Infection

Ways To Burn Calories Without Exercising

13-year-old child worker under intensive care after colleagues pump him up like car tyre

Scientists Now Know Why You Toss and Turn at Night—And It Could Save Lives

5 Useless Body Parts

Want to Live Longer? Sit Less

You Gave Me What? 5 Crummy Conditions We Inherit

The Cyclops Child

Ageing healthily: How grey hair could be a sign of good health - but being a redhead could make you more susceptible to illness

Fighting obesity with thermal imaging

Life expectancy by tube station: new interactive map shows inequality in the capital

8 Drugs with Really Embarrassing Side Effects

'It could happen to anybody': Student, 20, suffers shock stroke at dinner with her parents

Scientists make curing HIV a priority

10 Potentially Devastating Public Health Threats

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