Thursday, July 19, 2012

20 Puppies In Shoes

San Francisco pairs puppies with the poor to curb panhandling

Watch adorable service puppies via webcam

Eco-friendly cat shelter opens in Chicago

'Love hotel' for dogs to open in Brazil

Coastguard abseils down cliff to save trembling dog

3-month-old kitten survives trip in freight container from Shanghai, China to Los Angeles

20 Puppies In Shoes

Pip The Kitten Isn't Quite Like Everybody Else

Horse Impales Own Forehead, Survives, Becomes Internet Unicorn

5 Killer Creatures: Surprisingly Deadly Animals

Anoka triathlete suffers 25 bites in otter attack in Island Lake near Duluth

Thieving rodents are 'rainforest saviours'

Solomon Islands 'launders' exotic birds

Should the location of newly discovered species be hidden?

Nature's big picture: Aerial bird surveys done silently

Meet the loudmouth parrot who was paid a visit by police after driving neighbours crazy

Anglesey red squirrels seen in town gardens, say experts

Rain 'almost apocalyptic' for wildlife, says National Trust

Lemurs sliding towards extinction

Rare spoon-billed sandpipers hatch in UK for first time

Bats and smartphones: will 'bat walks' make us love them?

Urban noise 'killing baby house sparrows'

What Would Happen If a Lion Fought a Tiger?

Giraffe rescued after becoming stuck in septic tank

Rare Sight: Black Bear Photographed at Grand Canyon

Giant, Round Prehistoric Turtle Discovered

Skomer's birdman returns to keep watch on guillemots

Meet Rube GoldBird, the birdbrained budgerigar

Mystery deaths of 500 penguins

Crocodiles back in trophy hunters' sights

Animals With Misleading Names

Three Eagles, A Fox, And A Cat Walk Onto A Porch …

Motorcycle-riding squirrel turning heads in W. Ashley

This Is What A Wet Koala Looks Like

Eight More Oddly Colored Creatures

Surfing Goats!

Orphaned Baby Koala Story Has A Happy Ending

20 Amazing Animal Superheroes

25 Animals Who Are Genuinely Interested In What You Have To Say

A Napping Lion Gets Woken By A Fly

Horse Impales Own Forehead, Survives, Becomes Internet Unicorn

Cows stampede through quiet Harrogate cul-de-sac

Apes escape from enclosure, roam zoo

The chimp who thinks he's a puppy: Baby abandoned by his mother adopted by giant bull mastiff

‘Unprecedented Carnage’: U.S. Navy to Deafen Thousands of Whales and Dolphins

Nature Studies by Michael McCarthy: The unbearable lightness of dolphins

Heroes are putting their lives on the line in the fight to save tuna

Basking sharks off Hebrides to be tagged and tracked

Why Sockeye Salmon Are in Trouble

Clever Whale Shark Sucks Fish Out of a Fishing Net

South Korea Scraps Plan to Resume Whaling

Why Not Sea Bound? Evicted German Dolphins to be Re-Caged

Flea times tables as scientists teach insects how to count

How to Capture Swarming Honey Bees

Shark attacks prompt calls to review the great white's protected status

Hive in the Sky Gives Bees Urban Dwelling

Handyman finds honey-filled ceiling

Man sets house ablaze while killing spiders with blowtorch

"Easter Island Drug," Bee Nursing Hold Antiaging Secrets?

Female crickets eat virgin males

How Some Thrips are Destructive While Others Help Control Insect Pests

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