Thursday, June 21, 2012

Violent Head-Butting Discovered in Giant Reef Fish

Behold the Amazing Shapeshifting Mimic Octopus!

Tropical plankton invade Arctic waters

Dolphin carries dead baby for days

The Einsteins of the deep: Dolphins can perform feats of maths that would baffle human computer systems

New Zealand dolphins to 'go the way of the dodo' because of cruel fishing methods

Pictures: Strange New Fish Found Deep off New Zealand

Shark Paradise Discovered

Basking Shark Sightings on Rise in British Isles

Sea Stars Divide into 2 Species in an Evolutionary Flash

Dolphin Deaths in Gulf of Mexico due to BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and the 'Perfect Storm'

‘Unprecedented Carnage’: U.S. Navy to Deafen Thousands of Whales and Dolphins

Nature Studies by Michael McCarthy: The unbearable lightness of dolphins

Heroes are putting their lives on the line in the fight to save tuna

Basking sharks off Hebrides to be tagged and tracked

Why Sockeye Salmon Are in Trouble

Clever Whale Shark Sucks Fish Out of a Fishing Net

South Korea Scraps Plan to Resume Whaling

Why Not Sea Bound? Evicted German Dolphins to be Re-Caged

South Korea under pressure to scrap whaling plan

Whales, gas and climate: A gray tale

Caribbean Crustacean Named for Bob Marley

Likely Source of Animals' Magnetic Sense Identified

Tricky Cuttlefish Put on Gender-Bending Disguise

Baby leatherback turtles die in their thousands in Trinidad blunder

China launches piranha hunt after attacks

Cape Cod shark: Kayaker says he 'just paddled' as Jaws fears bite

Amazing Newly Discovered Microorganisms from Our Oceans

Seal Island: Where Great White Sharks Hunt Seals Inside a Ring of Death

Orphaned Baby Beluga Drinking Out Of A Bottle

13-Foot Giant Squid Found Off Australian Coast

Baby Manta Rays 'Breathe' In Utero

'Starving' crown-of-thorns starfish in mass stranding

Deep Creatures Hitchhike on Subs—Invading Pristine Habitats?

Discovered: The 128million-year-old grandfather of the modern squid and octopus

Slow Sharks Sneak Up on Sleeping Seals (and Eat Them)?

Rare freshwater pearl mussels stolen on Harris

Dolphin Genes Hold Clues to Animal Intelligence

Missing Link For Wonky-Eyed Fish Discovered

Manatee Dies On Bayshore During Tropical Storm Debby Flooding In Tampa; Two Manatees Refuse To Leave Body (VIDEO)

Gunnar Dead: National Zoo's Elderly Gray Seal And Veteran Of The Navy's Marine Mammal Program Dies At Age 38

Seal “rescued” from bathtub in family home

Bone-eating 'zombie' worms drill with acid

Pictures: 25 New Reef Fish Found—"Beautiful" Basslet, More

Whale sanctuary bid for South Atlantic falls short

Jelly fish 'early warning system' to be launched in French Riviera

A Seahorse Doing An Inspection

Whale watchers in Argentina treated to spectacular display

New Crustacean Species Discovered Off Spain

Pictures: Odd Sea Creatures Found at Volcanoes, Canyons

Helping Leatherback Sea Turtles Make a Comeback in Florida

Invasive Species Carried by Floating Dock from Japanese Tsunami

TV fisherman films shark attacking giant squid off coast of Australia

Photo: Giant Bull Shark Surprises Researchers

Australia's Great White Sharks Always Go Home to Breed

Violent Head-Butting Discovered in Giant Reef Fish

In Photos: Bizarre-Looking Reef Fish

Blue Lobster Found In Nova Scotia, Canada, Now For Sale

Injured Hammerhead Shark Rescued By South Florida Beachgoers In Sunny Isles

Australia to create world's largest marine reserve

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