Thursday, June 28, 2012

Scenes From The 2012 World's Ugliest Dog Contest

San Francisco pairs puppies with the poor to curb panhandling

Watch adorable service puppies via webcam

Eco-friendly cat shelter opens in Chicago

'Love hotel' for dogs to open in Brazil

Coastguard abseils down cliff to save trembling dog

20 Puppies In Shoes

Pip The Kitten Isn't Quite Like Everybody Else

Horse Impales Own Forehead, Survives, Becomes Internet Unicorn

3-month-old kitten survives trip in freight container from Shanghai, China to Los Angeles

Cuteness Overload: The Wiener Dog Races

Dog Day Afternoon at the World Series of Dog Shows

Boo the Pomeranian joins the mile-high club

Cat rescued after being in car engine for five days

Just cooling off during this heat wave


Stolen dogs returned to owners 5 years later

Watching Dog Slide Down Brickell Ave. Drawbridge "Kind of Killed Me," Man Says


10 must-see dog trick videos

Dog causes Tour de France crash

Miracle? Dog gives birth to 'cat'

Kitten recovering after surviving 6,500-mile journey across Pacific

The Amazing Owl Cat!

Bath time

Cat lucky to be alive after cycle in washing machine

Dog with head stuck in container saved after its photo was posted to Facebook

'Here's Johnny' Cat

Famous presidential pooches

Safety first

All the Dogs Want to Kill Me

Kitten rescued by earthquake team in Blackburn

Canine masterpiece: Beagles paint for charity

Cat Hair Cat Is Here To Party

Dog Guilt? Canines May Act Guilty, But Proof Of Animals' 'Secondary Emotions' Lacking

Parkour Cat

Kitten in Plymouth bin saved from crusher by dustbinmen

The happiest dog at the park!

25 Chill Cats Staying Cool This Summer

Clever Dog

Cutest thing I've seen all day

Catic electricity

Emergency surgery for spoon fed dog

A Brief History Of Awesome Dogs

Adorable pictures to melt even the hardest heart: Tiny kittens, cuddly puppies and fluffy ducklings pair up for cute photo shoot

World's Ugliest Dog: The Evolution of Mugly's Frightful Features

How can I help my anxious dog handle Fourth of July festivities?

Ballroom Dancing Cats

Injunction sees dog lover facing jail for walking too slowly

30 Of The Greatest Movie Dogs

17 Pugs With Broken Dreams

Meet Lil Bub, Nature's “Happy Accident” Who Is About To Win Your Heart

Dog Rears Orphaned Newborn Kittens

Southern California Dogfighting Ring Busted; 12 Cowards Arrested

Warren Jeffs' cult accused of sending kitten BURIED ALIVE in concrete to threaten man who deserted polygamous sect

Twitter used to locate lost dog that took a train ride to Dublin

Clint Eastwood as a Dog

Taiwan photographer records shelter dogs' last moments [Photos]

Insurance claim over dead cat backfires on Tacoma man

Who Cleans Up After Seeing Eye Dogs?

The 12 Cats Of The Zodiac

Dogs may protect babies from infections

Dogs' evolution shows why they 'love' gnawing on bones

Bat-Stache Cat

11 Felines Who Put Safety First

Defendant subpoenas police dog to testify in court as he fights driving offence

Things Your Pets Do While You're Away

Has the sniffer dog had its day?

Scenes From The 2012 World's Ugliest Dog Contest

I think I know who ate the ice cream

4 Modern K9s Worth Knowing About

Millie the cat gets job guarding children's presents

10 Of The Most Life-Affirming Dog Rescue Stories Ever

Nicholas Cage Cats

Heterochromia in Dogs: Loveable Pooches With Different Colored Eyes

Shopping for a new dogfood? Here's what you need to know

Baseball team adopts blind dog

Miracle cat survives getting impaled on metal fence spike

Canine star Uggie leaves paw print in Hollywood

Stills From "The (Cat) Newsroom" On HBO

These 18 Dogs Have Life Advice For You

21 Cats Imitating Art

One Of These (Adorable) Things Is Not Like The Other

Mystery golden retriever dog Gillie brings owner 12 loaves of bread

18 Awesome Cats N' Dogs Of The 80's

Unlicensed Dog Crackdown Begins In Michigan's Genesee County

Michigan Labrador Saves Toddler’s Life By Diving in Backyard Pool

Kids With Dogs Less Likely to Develop Asthma

Women’s Shelter Now Accepts Dogs After Great Dane’s Heroism

Side Mouth Dog

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