Thursday, June 28, 2012

Micromouse on a Dandelion

4 Animals That Ran for Mayor (and Won!)

Artificial jellyfish built from rat cells

How Tiny Rodents Take the Place of Mastodons in an Ancient Ecosystem

8 Ridiculous Animal Myths You Probably Believe

Photos: Cheetah cubs will honor fastest U.S. Olympic runners

Off-course homing pigeon from Leeds is rescued in Bahamas by woman from Cleethorpes

In pictures: Biggest bat survey

Two-toed sloths' 'lazy' sex life revealed

Indian court bans tourism in tiger reserve 'core zones'

Cull and drought hit feral camels

GPS sheep tracking supports 40-year-old theory

Flock of sheep get caught out in Morecambe Bay

Beware wallabies on the A40

Wet summer kills rare osprey chicks in Northumberland

Red kite fledglings rescued after becoming 'waterlogged'

RSPB recruits farmers for starlings count

Storm petrel seabirds can smell their relatives

Teddy Bear TLC Keeps Sloth Baby Alive

Ancient Warming May Have Reunited Polar and Brown Bears, for a Bit

Photos: 300,000 Caribou Huddle Together To Avoid Insects

Dramatic Hunting Leopard Caught on Camera

Roaming bull forces popular Vietnam airport to close

Japan's giant panda overcomes her grief at losing cub

Edward Scissorhands goose saved from Hampstead Heath deportation

Mystery deaths of 500 penguins

Rare Photographs of 12 Extinct Birds

A Glimpse of What We've Lost: 10 Extinct Animals in Photos

Ostrich Racing Seems Like A Terrible Idea

Animals Eating Watermelon From A To Z

Bear cub wanders into Pittsburgh Mills in Frazer

Pelicans Are Terrifying And Huge

25 Funny Animal Signs

Bob The Owl Reluctantly "Runs" The 100 Centimeter Sprint

Cutest Polar Bears Ever: Momma Gives Struggling Cub a Pick-Me-Up

Knickers mystery: Owl foils Gokwe witch hunt

Ukrainian City to Get Pigeons Drunk, Deport Them

German pensioner finds python in toilet

This Is What A Wet Koala Looks Like

Eight More Oddly Colored Creatures

Surfing Goats!

Orphaned Baby Koala Story Has A Happy Ending

20 Amazing Animal Superheroes

25 Animals Who Are Genuinely Interested In What You Have To Say

A Napping Lion Gets Woken By A Fly

Horse Impales Own Forehead, Survives, Becomes Internet Unicorn

Cows stampede through quiet Harrogate cul-de-sac

Anglesey red squirrels seen in town gardens, say experts

Rain 'almost apocalyptic' for wildlife, says National Trust

Lemurs sliding towards extinction

Rare spoon-billed sandpipers hatch in UK for first time

Bats and smartphones: will 'bat walks' make us love them?

Urban noise 'killing baby house sparrows'

What Would Happen If a Lion Fought a Tiger?

Giraffe rescued after becoming stuck in septic tank

Rare Sight: Black Bear Photographed at Grand Canyon

Giant, Round Prehistoric Turtle Discovered

Skomer's birdman returns to keep watch on guillemots

Meet Rube GoldBird, the birdbrained budgerigar

Mystery deaths of 500 penguins

Crocodiles back in trophy hunters' sights

Animals With Misleading Names

Three Eagles, A Fox, And A Cat Walk Onto A Porch

Motorcycle-riding squirrel turning heads in W. Ashley

5 Killer Creatures: Surprisingly Deadly Animals

Anoka triathlete suffers 25 bites in otter attack in Island Lake near Duluth

Thieving rodents are 'rainforest saviours'

Solomon Islands 'launders' exotic birds

Should the location of newly discovered species be hidden?

Nature's big picture: Aerial bird surveys done silently

Meet the loudmouth parrot who was paid a visit by police after driving neighbours crazy

Ducks are great mothers

Seabirds study: 90 percent swallowed plastic

8 Species That Are Threatening to Swarm the Globe

Birds With Arms

Cloned Horses Can Now Compete in the Olympics


Rare black tiger photographed

Pictures: Lions vs. Hippo

Possible mammoth cemetery found in Serbia

Nature's big picture: Rarest snake

Related birds evolve different songs and colours

In Photos: The King Penguins of Possession Island

5 Killer Creatures: Surprisingly Deadly Animals

Majestic Endangered Goat Making Comeback in Pakistan

There's a Crocodile on the Loose in Bavaria

Naked Mole Rat Offers Clue to Long Life

Baby panda dies in Tokyo zoo of pneumonia

Angry birds: the perils of keeping chickens

Teenager sacrifices hand in alligator attack to save himself

Probe under way after 30 swans found dead in Cardiff

17 Animals All Ready For Bed

Furry Bears Use Pools To Escape Weather

Bear cubs found in the back seat of a car

Three-Week Old Baby Amur Tiger Gets A Bath

This Hamster Is Eating Spaghetti

Elephant Mother Rescues Baby Trapped In Mud

Thousands of crocodiles rescued from smugglers in China

Elephant Pictures: Mighty Pachyderms And Adorable Babies

Horse Impales Own Forehead, Survives, Becomes Internet Unicorn

Chimp stuck up a chimney? Do not call the fire brigade

Vintage Zoo Pamphlets Feature Odd Exhibits & Extinct Animals

Major operation launched as 11 firemen close road to rescue trapped PIGEON

Procreation Station: What Species Has the Craziest Pregnancy?

Finches' personalities 'shown by head colour'

Three rare elephants found dead in Indonesia

Breathtaking Pictures of Lions

Beautiful Bird Huddles

Pigs on the run cause chaos after escape from abattoir in Glossop

Bear cools off in California infinity pool

Walrus Workout

17 Animals That Became Extinct In Our Lifetime

Caught by his own camera: The sickening photograph of grinning thug who used his dog to hunt and kill foxes and badgers

The leopard with a ladder: Wild cat given helping hand to escape slimy pond after getting into a spot of bother on tea estate

Giant Crocodile Breaks Size Record—Suspected in Fatal Attacks

Animal colour through animal eyes

Tiny shrews ‘warm up’ before cold dives

Arctic birds: Rock ptarmigans stay fit when fat

Bar-headed geese in high-flying wind tunnel test

Harry the pygmy hippo fares well despite mother's rejection – video

Fire crew rescues duck from pond

The week in wildlife - in pictures

Giant crocodile Lolong is officially the biggest in captivity

Rufus the hawk: Quails, baths and me-time – meet Wimbledon’s biggest diva

Hopes for giant panda pregnancy in Tokyo

Nest camera captures buzzard stealing rare Osprey chick

Hungry 6ft boa constrictor on the loose and 'seeking prey'

The California Condor, Now Just Starting to Recover, Faces Threat of Lead Poisoning

14 Stories That Prove Animals Have Souls

A Baby Sloth Hanging Out In A Giant Rain Boot

11 Animals That Are The Victims Of Very Serious Tickle Abuse

8 Unusual Service Animals

Cow helps man pop the question in a Wiltshire field

US bats on 'extinction watch'

Great white egrets breed in UK for first time

April Britt, Massachusetts Woman, Finds Baby Bird With 2 Heads, 3 Beaks

4 Million Kangaroos Slaughtered Down Under Per Year

Cambridge Springs Wallaby Captured In Pennsylvania, Owner Sought

Paralysed rats walk again after spinal therapy

Woman Seeks Help For Rescued Birds, Authorities Shoot Them Instead

Tiny puma cub unveiled at Berlin zoo

The bird-land of Skomer isle

Wild bear attacks man in hot tub

Chinese Buddhists 'cause plague of serpents'

Not so Fantastic Mr Fox gets into a jam

Micromouse on a Dandelion

Six lions speared to death by residents after preying on livestock in Kenyan township

Piglet naptime

Animals In Art

Seals and polar bear escape from zoo after flash flood

Villagers battle to save noisy donkey after complaints he can be heard two miles away

RIP Lonesome George and his subspecies

Competition for grazing threatens rare zebras

Nature's big picture: 'New' bat species found in Wales

Elephant pregnancy mystery solved

As Elephant Poaching Climbs, Gabon Plans to Burn Its Ivory

Giant Marsupial Graveyard Unearthed Down Under

Pony and foal rescued from mud

Deformed deer found in Swedish garden

The Secret to Cheetahs' Speedy Stride Found

Melting Sea Ice Could Decimate Emperor Penguins

Cameras Spy Endangered Siberian Tiger in China

Eyewitness: Galapagos Islands

Dog walker comes across Steller Sea Eagle in Gateshead

Daredevil squirrels are a swirl of frolicking mayhem

Mexican marvels: DBC Pierre and the axolotls

Andrew Simpson: the wolf whisperer

Deer attack on dog caught on camera

Queen's swans 'killed by floods, disease and yobs'

Drowning leopard rescued from reservoir in India

Ducks deliver nursing home's mail

Pigeons Can Recognize Individual Human Faces

16 Animals Afflicted By Shyness

21 Animals Returning To Their Home Planets

The 30 Fattest Birds On The Planet

Seychelles Eyes Indian Ring-Necked Parakeet Eradication To Save Black Parrot

Cow sees reflection rival, jumps into kitchen

Workers rescue baby raccoon from sewer grate

Animal Photos Of The Week

8 Animals That Love to Get High

Hero Donkey Keeps Asses Safe During Raging Wildfire

Mystery over runaway piglet Al found at Wheelgate theme park in Farnsfield

Rare white rhino born in Israeli zoo

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