Thursday, June 14, 2012

Harvey The Surfing Dog

Oscar The Grouch Cat

'CatCam' gives viewers a look at life from a cat's perspective

New Jersey says drivers should buckle up their pets, or face a fine

Why the Puppy Cam Is About to Make the Whole Internet Better at Photoshop

This Mega Monster Cat May Become the Biggest Cat In the World

Nine lives for lucky feline

Dogs really do feel what you feel - animals nuzzle and lick people when they think they are crying

But I don't want to go yet

Take That, Bum Face

How my wife keeps the cat off the clean clothes

9 Cases Of Puppy Food Comas

Loyal pup: Yorkie waits for master at Hannibal rest stop

Smart Cat Demands Privacy While in the Bathroom

How to give your puppy CPR

Dog saves baby

Sweatband Cat

The Saddest 1-Year-Old Basset Hound You Will Ever Meet

Kitten with head caught in soda can rescued from Peoria manhole

Pet lovers rally against Spanish greyhound cruelty

Documentary examines America's relationship with dogs

Lucky 'the celebrity dog' dies

Are pet cats ruining the environment?

Laid-Back Cat

Is it a mutant pig? Is it a mini horse? No, it’s a really weird Chinese dog

Dog Adopts Two Siberian Tiger Cubs (Video)

Chihuahua Born Without Foot to Become World’s Smallest Bionic Pet

Dog Born Without Eyes Is Victim of China’s Red Poodle Fad

World’s Largest Dog Walk Hopes To Break Another Record

Harvey The Surfing Dog

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