Thursday, June 21, 2012

Gorilla communication: mums use 'baby talk' gestures

Monkey's Slyly Grinning Self-Shot Wins the Internet

Search begins for endangered gorillas after Congo fighting

Astonishing pictures of the young gorillas who worked together to dismantle the poachers' trap that killed their friends

Scientists Read Monkeys' Minds, See What They're Planning to Do Before They Do it

Longleat macaque grabs its chance for freedom

Itsy Bitsy Baby Marmoset Being Raised In Germany

How To Celebrate An Orangutan's 50th Birthday

Apes escape from enclosure, roam zoo

The chimp who thinks he's a puppy: Baby abandoned by his mother adopted by giant bull mastiff

In Photos: A Game-Changing Primate Discovery

Chimp Personalities A Lot Like Humans', Ape Researchers Say

Baby Monkey Feeding Time!

Acrobatic Primates Edge Closer to Extinction

Gorillas caught between the lines of new Congo war

Pittsburgh Zoo's Baby Gorilla Dead, Cause Unclear

Emperor Tamarin Monkeys Stolen From Opole Zoo In Poland

Photos: Snub-Nosed Monkey Among New Most At-Risk Species

Fires threaten to 'extinguish' critical Indonesian orangutan population

US student fighting for life after chimpanzee attack

Smile for the camera

Shock over monkey filmed lying in Indian hospital bed

Indonesian zoo aims to stub out orangutan's smoking habit

Cheetah Twins Arrive at Denver Zoo

5 Rhesus Monkeys Trade Laboratory Hell for New Life in Sanctuary

ape-o-naut. All things Monkey.

Unraveling the Bonobo's Genome, and its Secrets

Gorillas Rebuilding After Ebola Outbreak

‘Palmed Off’: Is Your Dinner Killing Orangutans?

Cute monkey

Gorilla communication: mums use 'baby talk' gestures

Beer Brewing Monkeys of Borneo

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