Thursday, June 07, 2012

Famous Presidential Pooches

'Here's Johnny' Cat

Famous presidential pooches

Safety first

All the Dogs Want to Kill Me

Kitten rescued by earthquake team in Blackburn

Defendant subpoenas police dog to testify in court as he fights driving offence

Dog with head stuck in container saved after its photo was posted to Facebook

Canine masterpiece: Beagles paint for charity

Cat Hair Cat Is Here To Party

Dog Guilt? Canines May Act Guilty, But Proof Of Animals' 'Secondary Emotions' Lacking

Parkour Cat

US bats on 'extinction watch'

Great white egrets breed in UK for first time

April Britt, Massachusetts Woman, Finds Baby Bird With 2 Heads, 3 Beaks

4 Million Kangaroos Slaughtered Down Under Per Year

Cambridge Springs Wallaby Captured In Pennsylvania, Owner Sought

Woman Seeks Help For Rescued Birds, Authorities Shoot Them Instead

Tiny puma cub unveiled at Berlin zoo

The bird-land of Skomer isle

Wild bear attacks man in hot tub

Chinese Buddhists 'cause plague of serpents'

Not so Fantastic Mr Fox gets into a jam

The leopard with a ladder: Wild cat given helping hand to escape slimy pond after getting into a spot of bother on tea estate

Hungry 6ft boa constrictor on the loose and 'seeking prey'

Cow helps man pop the question in a Wiltshire field

Paralysed rats walk again after spinal therapy

Animalwatch: Swarms of bees and bats take to the summer skies

Vintage Zoo Pamphlets Feature Odd Exhibits & Extinct Animals

Procreation Station: What Species Has the Craziest Pregnancy?

Finches' personalities 'shown by head colour'

Three rare elephants found dead in Indonesia

Breathtaking Pictures of Lions

Beautiful Bird Huddles

Pigs on the run cause chaos after escape from abattoir in Glossop

Bear cools off in California infinity pool

13-Foot Giant Squid Found Off Australian Coast

Baby Manta Rays 'Breathe' In Utero

'Starving' crown-of-thorns starfish in mass stranding

Deep Creatures Hitchhike on Subs—Invading Pristine Habitats?

Discovered: The 128million-year-old grandfather of the modern squid and octopus

Ants Killing a Tick with their Spit

What's so puzzling? Little damselfly is clearly perplexed by the photographer stood before him

Commonly Used Pesticide Turns Honey Bees into ‘Picky Eaters’

'Extinct' short-haired bumblebee returns to UK

Butterflies move north due to hot summers

Wild Butterflies Crossbreed to Share Colors & Survive

Two dead after venomous spiders invade Indian town

Venomous scorpion found 4000 miles from home by inquisitive dog

Fragrant Mosquito Repellants? Scientists Aim To Confuse Skeeters With Mint, Chocolate-Like Compounds

How tiny insects survive the rain

Giant Bugs Eaten Out of Existence by First Birds?

Butterfly numbers fell by a fifth in 2011, study shows

Photographing dragonflies is easier than you think

In Photos: A Game-Changing Primate Discovery

Chimp Personalities A Lot Like Humans', Ape Researchers Say

Baby Monkey Feeding Time!

Acrobatic Primates Edge Closer to Extinction

Gorillas caught between the lines of new Congo war

Pittsburgh Zoo's Baby Gorilla Dead, Cause Unclear

Emperor Tamarin Monkeys Stolen From Opole Zoo In Poland

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