Thursday, June 21, 2012

The bumblebee: a life in perpetual transit

Flea times tables as scientists teach insects how to count

How to Capture Swarming Honey Bees

Shark attacks prompt calls to review the great white's protected status

Hive in the Sky Gives Bees Urban Dwelling

Handyman finds honey-filled ceiling

Man sets house ablaze while killing spiders with blowtorch

"Easter Island Drug," Bee Nursing Hold Antiaging Secrets?

Female crickets eat virgin males

How Some Thrips are Destructive While Others Help Control Insect Pests

Cleared for take-off: it's the day of the flying ants

Beware, Arachnophobes: Half of Spiders Are Undiscovered

Creepy, Crawly & Incredible: Photos of Spiders

Swarm of homeless bees claims woman’s bike

'Spectacular' Glenmoriston ant nests protected

The bugs are back in town, and how

Southern French worms wriggle as far north as Ireland

The Delicate Alien Appearance of Mealybugs

Ants Killing a Tick with their Spit

What's so puzzling? Little damselfly is clearly perplexed by the photographer stood before him

Commonly Used Pesticide Turns Honey Bees into ‘Picky Eaters’

'Extinct' short-haired bumblebee returns to UK

Butterflies move north due to hot summers

Wild Butterflies Crossbreed to Share Colors & Survive

Two dead after venomous spiders invade Indian town

Fragrant Mosquito Repellants? Scientists Aim To Confuse Skeeters With Mint, Chocolate-Like Compounds

How tiny insects survive the rain

Giant Bugs Eaten Out of Existence by First Birds?

Butterfly numbers fell by a fifth in 2011, study shows

Photographing dragonflies is easier than you think

Animalwatch: Swarms of bees and bats take to the summer skies

Help map the UK's bumblebee population

Dragonflies and damselflies – your Green shoots photographs

8 of the cutest toxic caterpillars

Snapping bugs: What can we learn from insect images?

New Ant Species Discovered in Philippines

Once-extinct moth has recolonised large parts of the UK

Bees Injure Palm City Woman And Kill Her Pugs

Venomous scorpion found 4000 miles from home by inquisitive dog

The weird and wonderful world of day-flying moths

Specieswatch: German wasp

Britain's butterflies in trouble due to wet weather

Moths are just as worthy of our wonder as butterflies

Jumping Spider Bites Cute Furry Moth

Elusive Killer Ants Explained; Bop Insects on Heads

UK's flying ant swarms are counted

Who What Why: Are British slugs under threat?

Black Widow Spiders May Have Met Their Match

World's Tiniest Fly May Decapitate Ants, Live in Their Heads

New infestation of 'hazardous' moth identified

The Praying Mantis Life Cycle in Pictures

Male Spider Ditches Penis, Gains Fighting Power

An award-winning photograph by Kathy Keatley Garvey captures a honeybee's sting, with its abdominal tissue trailing behind

'Vampire spiders' spot victims by antennae

Honeybee virus: Varroa mite spreads lethal disease

Ants in 3D: project begins to image every known species

Mosquitoes, Ticks and Horse Flies, Oh My!

The bumblebee: a life in perpetual transit

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