Thursday, May 03, 2012

War Dogs of the World

Are Pet Psychics Real?

'Simply breathtaking': Apple's growth profile in two charts

War Dogs of the World

Pet owners lock up cats indoors as anti-freeze killer claims 48th victim

West Hartford Officer Saves Choking Dog

Guide dog owner fined £80 for animal mess he couldn't see in Leicester park

Cats at sea: 7 famous seafaring felines

The 33rd annual Drake Relays Beautiful Bulldog Contest

Blair, Oklahoma Labrador, Becomes Seeing Eye Dog For Blind Friend Tanner


Woman 'bites dog'

Cop Shoots Dog: Untrained Officers Commit 'Puppycide'

Golden Retriever Rescue By LA Sheriff Reserves After Dog Became Dehydrated On Hike

Corky, Kitten Born With Criss-Crossed Legs, Saved By Breakthrough Leg Surgery

Firefighters help stranded cat with Doritos bag on head

Dog rescued from cactus finds new home

Artist banned from strangling puppies

Dog walker saves pet from eagle attack


Real Life Scooby Doo

Dolphins Help Fishermen Catch Fish

Tiny sharks provide glowing clue

32 Dead Porpoises Worry Wildlife Experts

10 Bizarre and Beautiful Crabs

Asian Tiger Shrimp Found On U.S. Coast And Gulf Of Mexico, Worries Scientists

7 Bioluminescent Creatures That Light Up the Ocean

Pacific Reef Sharks Vanishing Near Populated Islands

King Penguin Baby Looks Like Fear

Goofy Animal Photos (35 Photos)

Miami Hosts Polar Bear Dance Party To Protect Arctic Ocean

Peru examines deaths of more than 500 pelicans

Camel Sacrificed in Kazakhstan to End Suicides

Animal Photos Of The Week

Cute Or Creepy? 9 Animals Which Could Be Aliens

First ever pictures of endangered Spotted Deer

6.8 Million Birds Die Because of Communication Towers in North America Each Year

Valparai tiger loses battle

Elephant kills New Zealand zookeeper

Tiger Nation gives extraordinary insight to India’s wild tigers, allowing members of the public to work with conservationists on the ground to preserve the population

First wild images of rare mammals

Cheetah and Dog Celebrate One Year of Friendship

Newborn fawn found on welcome mat

Australia lists the koala as 'vulnerable' species

Why Do Geese and Airplanes Collide?

Slaughter of rhinos at record high

86 Years Old Real-Life Robinson Crusoe Creates Tortoise Sanctuary on Private Island

Man does everything with his pet duck Boris

Unimaginable horror as helicopter-borne poachers massacre 22 elephants before hacking off their tusks and genitals

Researchers have spotted a group of 53 cells within pigeons' brains that respond to the direction and strength of the Earth's magnetic field

Great tits join mobs with neighbours they know

Wildlife Service Accidentally Killed Over 50,000 Animals

Tranquillised bear drops out of tree on Colorado university campus

Polar Bears Swim Hundreds of Miles in One Go

24 New Lizard Species Identified from Caribbean

How Do Tigers Get Their Stripes? Science Not So Certain Now

The Week in Animal News: Cheetah-Dog Friendship, Robotic Animals from Old Computers and More

Kung Fu Guinea Pig

Lowly Rat Gnaws & Chews to Top of the Rodent World

Britain's hibernating bats avoid deadly fungus killing their US cousins

Spotless cheetah snapped in the wild

Sumatran Elephant Found Poisoned In Indonesia

Rare Philippine Pond Turtles Return Home After Hong Kong Smuggling

Darcy the cow escapes, walks to McDonalds

Zoo tries to impregnate giant panda live on Twitter

Secret Life of the urban fox

Mystery beavers may be breeding in Britain

Tiger Temple

Beware dangerous caterpillar, says Forestry Commission

Extinct short-haired bumblebee to be reintroduced in England

5 Most Horrible Bugs around the Earth

Why cockroaches need their friends

Family disputes create rebel bees

Giant Flea-like Insect Pest Plagued Dinosaurs

Man Relocates 30,000 Bees Found Living in an Attic

Mosquitoes Blamed For Captive Killer Whale Deaths

Bigger Male Gorillas Make Better Mates and Fathers

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