Tuesday, May 01, 2012

This is the web right now - The Oatmeal

Apple: Think Different about your dirty energy

Apple: why doesn't it employ more US workers?

Microsoft is buying and selling patents like a kid trading snacks in the cafeteria. Clearly, the patent system needs an overhaul

Microsoft Security Essentials Updates with Better Performance, Virus Detection, and Interface Changes

Microsoft backs away from CISPA support, citing privacy

Hotmail password bug fixed

7 Ways the Internet Has Been Used for Good

This is the web right now - The Oatmeal

What if Facebook isn’t so special after all?

The Web is Not User Friendly! Face it, and Embrace It!

The 'Facebook Phone' is a Dumb Idea

Equipment Maker Caught Installing Backdoor Account in Control System Code

White House takes aim at CISPA with formal veto threat

Web trolls put picture of Down's girl on Facebook with vile caption

Watchdog finds undeleted data on second-hand disk drives

Insecure websites to be named and shamed after checks

The Feds Will Shut off Your Internet If You Don’t Clean Your Computer by July 9

CISPA: Who’s for it, who’s against it and how it could affect you

Which Facebook Apps Steal Your Data (and How to Stop Them)

Firefox 12 released with UAC-less update system on Windows

Google Drive: Hands-On Winner

Google Maps now includes 'photo tours' of 15,000 popular landmarks around the world

The Pure Google Home Screen

Google's Destruction Is Already Under Way

6 Guns That Could Only Ever Exist In Video Games

The 8 Most Gruesome Video Games of All Time

Supporting an Industry That Doesn’t Respect Itself

20 Cute Video Game Characters You Don't Want To Mess With

Xbox patent ruling favours Motorola over Microsoft

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