Friday, May 11, 2012

Puppies vs. Stairs

It's Kitten Season

Cat Snuggling

21 Cat Hats

Dogs Playing With Kittens

An Outrage in Belfast: The Sad Case of Lennox, the Dog

Colleges Turn To Dogs To Break The Stress Of Final Exams, Lift Spirits

Owner pleads for cash to continue fighting for dog custody

If we fits, we sits

I've been out of work for a few weeks now and one of our cats has elected to make the ultimate sacrifice

Cat Kisses

cat likes to sit in small bowls

Dalek Dog

All Eyes & Fluff

Dog stays for hours with owner killed by apparent hit-and-run driver on California coastal road

The Incredible Story of the Blind Dog With His Own Guide Dog

Cocker spaniel football fan mugged of strip during historic game

Border Collie Wave

Stair lift for dogs trialled for obese pooches (via)

At These Cafes, You Pay To Play with Cats

Cat-of-two-lives joins full load for full cycle

Brain scans reveal dogs' thoughts

Meow, the 39-pound cat, dies

7 heroic pets that saved lives

Puppies vs. Stairs: Facing Off For The First Time

Hero Dog Risks Life To Save Unconscious Owner, Christine Spain, From Oncoming Freight Train

The Great Escape

Dog Yawn Study: Human Yawns 'Contagious' For Canines

263 Dogs Seized In Florida; Animal Officials Seek Adopters

Cat owner took his own life after beloved tabby died

Family dog survives black bear attack thanks to wife's use of toy sword

A life on the ocean wave

Dog In A Suitcase

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