Friday, May 11, 2012

Parachuting Mice to Battle Invasive Snakes in Guam

25 Existentialist Animals

Beautiful Bird Huddles

OR-7, Well-Traveled Oregon Wolf, Photographed In California

Mother's Day 2012: Animal Parenting Styles, Pregnancies, And Child Rearings

Animal Photos Of The Week

Bear Cubs Form an Adorable Conga Line (Video)

Death on Earth: how the world's wildlife vanished

Crooks tried to smuggle money by stuffing rolls of cash up horses' backsides, court told

Naked Mole Rat's Long Life Due to Cellular Garbage Men

Rhinoceros' & Elephants' Seed-Eating Habit Helps Biodiversity

Crows know familiar human voices

Nature’s toughest mothers make 'ultimate sacrifice'

Prehistoric "Panda" Found in Spain—Giant Panda Has European Roots?

First Glaslyn osprey chick of 2012 hatches

Large Mouths Drove Island Snakes to Gigantism

New research suggests that our view of the humble crow may be wrong

Planning system 'failing' wildlife

Dresden Red Panda Has Concussion after 10 Meter Plunge

Where To Find The Animals You Love

Buffalo Rampage Injures 10 People

National Zoo Welcomes 11 New Small-Clawed Otters

Florida Panther Kitten Struck By Car In Rehab; Won't Return To Wild

A camel at the 'Camel Haircut' competition at Bikaner, India

Wallaby spotted in Pluckley

26 Gifs Of Really Clumsy Animals

The Bigger the Eyes the Faster the Beast, Study Finds

Turtle With Boy’s Initials Turns Up Alive 47 Years Later

Tiger Pictures: Photos Of Ferocious Cats And Cuddly Cubs

Dead Dolphins and Birds Are Causing Alarm in Peru

Mexican Wolf Pups Born In New York's Wolf Conservation Center

Blue, Montana Black Bear, Moves On After Hibernating Under Cabin With Pillows

Tagged cuckoos complete migration and return to the UK

The 6 Most Impressive Serial Criminals in the Animal Kingdom

Austrian alpacas show shear delight - in pictures

Baby Pygmy Hippo Dies After Surgery In South Africa

Parachuting Mice to Battle Invasive Snakes in Guam

Animal pictures of the week

Giddy up

Photographer captures moment raven snatches bunny from field

Elephant learns to play the harmonica

Flesh-Eating Dangerous Lizard Captured In Public Park Restroom

Llama Saved from Euthanasia by Prosthetic Leg

Elephant runs amok at India temple festival

Tree surgeon goes to work with parrot

US tribes clash over sacrificing of bald eagles

The real Lion King: the making of African Cats

Polar bear reunion leads to 'blossoming bromance'

Crossbow killer slaughtered ten hedgehogs then lined up carcasses outside primary school

Pictures: 24 New Caribbean Lizards Found

Lost budgie taken home after it recites entire address

Project to ship cheetahs from Africa to India 'totally misconceived'

Rare white tigers born in the Ukraine

Bear cub smashes through glass door into school

Secret Lives of Penguins Revealed by 'Hidden' Cameras

World's Smallest Mammoth Discovered

'Chicken' frogs survive in new home

Mystery of horse taming 'solved' by gene study

Turtle doves: RSPB launches rescue mission

Paws for thought: bear solves missing man riddle

Hummingbirds in Flight

Two-headed calf sadly didn't survive

Famous falling bear tranquilized on Colorado campus is killed by cars days later

So cute!

Farm Animals Fed Antibiotics (Infographic)

Little Leopard Cub

Violet D'Mello tells of Port Elizabeth cheetah mauling

Biggest Crocodile Found—Fossil Species Ate Humans Whole?

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