Thursday, May 17, 2012

Orang-utans Use iPads To Communicate

It's Kitten Season

Cat Snuggling

21 Cat Hats

Dogs Playing With Kittens

An Outrage in Belfast: The Sad Case of Lennox, the Dog

Colleges Turn To Dogs To Break The Stress Of Final Exams, Lift Spirits

Owner pleads for cash to continue fighting for dog custody

If we fits, we sits

I've been out of work for a few weeks now and one of our cats has elected to make the ultimate sacrifice

Cat Kisses

Cat likes to sit in small bowls

Dalek Dog

All Eyes & Fluff

25 Existentialist Animals

Beautiful Bird Huddles

OR-7, Well-Traveled Oregon Wolf, Photographed In California

Mother's Day 2012: Animal Parenting Styles, Pregnancies, And Child Rearings

Animal Photos Of The Week

Bear Cubs Form an Adorable Conga Line (Video)

Death on Earth: how the world's wildlife vanished

Crooks tried to smuggle money by stuffing rolls of cash up horses' backsides, court told

Naked Mole Rat's Long Life Due to Cellular Garbage Men

Rhinoceros' & Elephants' Seed-Eating Habit Helps Biodiversity

Crows know familiar human voices

Nature’s toughest mothers make 'ultimate sacrifice'

Prehistoric "Panda" Found in Spain—Giant Panda Has European Roots?

First Glaslyn osprey chick of 2012 hatches

Large Mouths Drove Island Snakes to Gigantism

New research suggests that our view of the humble crow may be wrong

Planning system 'failing' wildlife
Dresden Red Panda Has Concussion after 10 Metre Plunge

Where To Find The Animals You Love

Buffalo Rampage Injures 10 People

National Zoo Welcomes 11 New Small-Clawed Otters

Florida Panther Kitten Struck By Car In Rehab; Won't Return To Wild

A camel at the 'Camel Haircut' competition at Bikaner, India

Wallaby spotted in Pluckley

26 Gifs Of Really Clumsy Animals

Bee Colony Collapse Disorder: New Study Suggests Mass Extinction Not Occurring, Little Actually Known

Dinosaur-Era Insects Frozen in Time During Oldest Pollination

Nature's big picture: Beetle tracking

The dead-nettle and the bumblebee: a match made in heaven

U.S. Navy's Sonars and Explosives Could Hurt more Dolphins and Whales Than Previously Thought

Paul Watson, anti-whaling campaigner, held in Germany over 2002 incident

Gray Whale Population Up to 5 Times Larger Before Whaling, Study Finds

Manta Rays' Deep-Sea Secrets Revealed

Spiny Marine Fish Discovered in Sweden

Cardigan Bay bottlenose dolphins 'learn factory whelk waste times for food'

Manatees On Fort Lauderdale Beach Surprise Swimmers

Japanese town to build dolphin zoo near site of annual cull

A sea monster ... and he’s still a nipper! Monster Tasmanian King Crab saved from the pot and shipped to Britain for aquarium display

BP oil spill: The 'horribly mutated' creatures living in the Gulf

Humpback whales intervene in killer whale hunt

Easily the most insane animal footage ever caught on an undersea camera

Pacific 'garbage patch' changing insect mating habits

Warm water marine species spreading northwards into British waters

The Turtle Hospital: Lucky Survivors Treated By Florida Keys Rescue

Fish Guts Could Say Which Species Survive Climate Change

China's transparency laws: a death sentence for the Yangtze sturgeon

Baby Saki Monkey Born At Brevard Zoo

Orang-utans use iPads to communicate

Rarest gorillas caught in camera trap

Orang-utan who gnawed off own hand to escape trap recovers


Joanne Casey said...

The Lennox story makes me so mad, the poor innocent dog

ILuvNUFC said...

Aye, it's a bit of a shocker. Far too many jobsworths about these days.

Joanne Casey said...