Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lord of Rings Movie Set Now Houses Sheep

Tuatara reptile slices food with 'steak-knife teeth'

Outhouse bear attack survivor was grabbed from 'throne'

32 Pictures That Will Make You Say Awwwwwwww

Cheetah cubs arrive at National Zoo

Shaggy Baudet du Poitou donkeys get haircut

11 Incredible Images of Woodpeckers (via)

The Camel Hub of the Web

6 Terrifying Creatures That Keep Going After They're Dead

Pictures: Elephant Underpass Reuniting Kenya Herds

Iowa man stopped with zebra and parrot in truck

Galloway park red panda boosts breeding plans

Devastating Disease Found in Endangered Gray Bats

Females Coatis Help Unrelated Offspring Steal Food

New Frog Species Is Bright Yellow

Mysterious white fox spotted on Kent farm

Elusive 'Asian Unicorn' Faces Extinction

Jaguar cubs born in California

Tiger Poachers Can Now Be Shot on Sight in Indian State of Maharashtra

Hamster has a ball reading Chronicle

Photos: Awesome Animals

Lord of Rings Movie Set Now Houses Sheep

Top Ten New Species: Snub-Nosed Monkey, Devil Worm, More

Turkey villagers see Israeli spy in migratory bird

The pocket piglets who can fit inside a teacup

Dormice whiskers aid tree-climbing

Rare & Secretive Striped Rabbit Caught on Camera

Man bitten by rabid fox he thought was a cat

Millions of 'giant killer mice' exterminating rare seabirds on remote British island

A Baby Ocelot

Cotton Balls or Honduran White Bats?

Bovine beer bash in Boxford

Meerkat survival 'threatened by inbreeding'

Rare Arabian leopard in need of safe corridors

Why infanticide can benefit animals

Tokyo keepers catch fugitive Penguin 337

Rabies Snoozes While Bats Hibernate

Large Mouths Drove Island Snakes to Gigantism

'Gay' penguin couple given egg of their own

Animal pictures of the week

Hedgehog stuck in tin of carrots rescued by RSPCA

Falcon chicks nabbed from nest

Snake bite warning issued to walkers

Animals left for dead in Indonesian zoos

Antelope first seen 20 years ago is on brink of extinction

Animal rescuers save fox cub trapped in tin can

Alaska Moose Stomps Girl Playing In The Street

13 Amazing Dancing Animals

100 Reasons Why You Should Care About the Pygmy Three-Toed Sloth

Baby Bison Born At Brookfield Zoo

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