Thursday, May 31, 2012

Couple splits over 550 house cats

7 inspiring dogs from the 'Pets With Disabilities' Project

What an aggressive dog says about its owner

What You See Vs. What They See

Rabid mountain lion in attack mode no match for Chino Valley man and his frying pan

5 Ways to Improve Cats

Thumbs included

An Unamused Cat

Yorkshire Terrier pressed panic alarm after owner collapsed in the shower

5 of the Best Dogs for Kids

Data's cat + 23 other sci-fi TV and movie pets we'd love to adopt

Master of disguise

Construction crew saves kittens beneath concrete

Dog Swept Away By Rough Waters Of Merrimack River

Hawk Drops Puppy From the Sky in Los Banos

Motorcycle-riding dog gives owner's business a boost

Daisy the dog swallows two-inch needle

Birmingham RSPCA rescue kitten with head stuck in car wheel

Trail of puppies

And we shall name him... Ewok Jr.

Oh hey adorable face

Pup holds Guinness World Record for dog with largest eyes

Trust me. I'm a lion

50 Cats That Sum Up Your Hangover Perfectly

Meet Ramen Noodle, The Adorable Dog With No Arms

Stray dog runs 1,700km to Tibet with Chinese cyclists

Adorable Corgi Causes Explosion And Fire

What Is Your Dog Thinking? Brain Scans Unleash Canine Secrets

Why Dogs' Origins Are Still Mysterious

Couple splits over 550 house cats

Dogs Of War: Photos Remembering The Military's Canine Heroes

Top Dog Names For Pets Ranked By Breed

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