Thursday, May 31, 2012

15 Stunning Pictures of Starfish Sunbathing

U.S. Navy's Sonars and Explosives Could Hurt more Dolphins and Whales Than Previously Thought

Paul Watson, anti-whaling campaigner, held in Germany over 2002 incident

Gray Whale Population Up to 5 Times Larger Before Whaling, Study Finds

Manta Rays' Deep-Sea Secrets Revealed

Spiny Marine Fish Discovered in Sweden

Cardigan Bay bottlenose dolphins 'learn factory whelk waste times for food'

Manatees On Fort Lauderdale Beach Surprise Swimmers

Japanese town to build dolphin zoo near site of annual cull

A sea monster ... and he’s still a nipper! Monster Tasmanian King Crab saved from the pot and shipped to Britain for aquarium display

BP oil spill: The 'horribly mutated' creatures living in the Gulf

Humpback whales intervene in killer whale hunt

Easily the most insane animal footage ever caught on an undersea camera

Pacific 'garbage patch' changing insect mating habits

Warm water marine species spreading northwards into British waters

The Turtle Hospital: Lucky Survivors Treated By Florida Keys Rescue

Fish Guts Could Say Which Species Survive Climate Change

China's transparency laws: a death sentence for the Yangtze sturgeon

The end of fish, in one chart

The 6 Most Amazing Jellyfish in the Sea

Whales have a sensory organ unlike anything we’ve ever seen

How whales open their huge mouths

Octopus Foils Predators by Stealing Identities

Jellyfish Hunt Hurts Pacific Leatherback Turtles

Shark swims into British harbour for the first time in 20 years

Giant fish caught in Chinese river

Has the Northern Snakehead Fish Invaded British Columbia?

15 Stunning Pictures of Starfish Sunbathing

20 Freakish Creatures from the Depths of Russia's White Sea

World's First Vegetarian Shark Prefers Heads of Lettuce

Baby Opalescent Squid Are The Size Of A Grain Of Rice

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