Thursday, April 26, 2012

The secret lives of avalanche rescue cats

The secret lives of avalanche rescue cats

The health and beauty benefits of owning a dog

10 enviable upcycled pet beds

What your dog's breed says about you

Dogs Trust Honours: Life-saving Llanelli dachshund Ellie-May nominated

Dog is thatcher's rooftop companion

Dog makes cameo appearance during news report

Dog Snoopy is best man at Sue and Michael Hopkins' Swansea church wedding

World's Smallest Dog 2012: Milly, The Puerto Rican Chihuahua

9 Cats On Catnip

Kasi And Mtani, Baby Cheetah And Puppy, Celebrate One-Year Friendship

Red-feathered birds suffer from eye damage

Meerkat society: Underdogs are best at problem-solving

New Species: Bumblebee Gecko Strikingly Striped

How We’re Endangering Animals [Infographic]

Bison, vodka and Poland's primeval forest

Schoolboy's shock as he finds FOX curled up in his duvet

'Eggless' chick laid by hen in Sri Lanka

Ancient Horse Bones Tell Story of Tibetan Plateau

Accidental Gardeners: Birds Cultivate Pretty Plants

Dawn of Polar Bears Far Earlier Than Thought

Endangered Beauties: Images of Polar Bears

Escaped beaver found in slurry pit

Tasmanian Tiger Was Genetically Doomed
Channel 4 live shows to investigate urban foxes

Terror on the wing: seagull photographed as it snatches ducklings

Deadly bears on the loose in Japan

King Juan Carlos sorry about elephant hunt

'Giant Rat' Caught And Killed By Grandad

The Ongoing Triumph of the Trumpeter Swan

The Week in Animal News: Cyborg Lobsters, Painting Parrots and More

Old Paint is Killing Rare Birds: Cleaning Up Toxic Lead on Midway Atoll

Endangered Animal Photos For Earth Day

9 Animals You Wouldn't Expect To See In A Hotel

Gaza zoo displays stuffed animals due to 'shortages of animals'

Poland's Wild Bison With Tuberculosis Should Be Killed, Experts Say

Gir Forest Lions' Survival And The Chance To Roam Free

Winter Slade, 7-Year-Old, Raises Thousands For Wildlife Preservation After Being Told Her Idea Was 'Stupid'

Duck and ducklings make daily deli pilgrimage

Panda Cam: Launches Live HD Video Of Giant Panda Bear Cubs For Earth Day

Mwanza Flat-Headed Rock Agama Lizard Resembles Spider-Man

Are jellyfish taking over the oceans?

Mystery of mass dolphin deaths in Peru

Marine Marvels: Spectacular Photos of Sea Creatures

White killer whale adult spotted for first time in wild

Image Gallery: Russia's Beautiful Killer Whales

Sperm Whales Form Clans to Fight Off Orcas

Fatty Ears May Help Baleen Whales Hear

Pictures: New Suckermouth Armored Catfish Discovered

15 Incredible X-rays of Real-Life Monsters of the Deep

Scientists Take to Skies to Count Threatened Seals

Manatee Mystery: Why Can't They Avoid Speedboats?

Midway's Green Sea Turtles Dine on Jellyfish For Lunch (Photos)

2000-Pound Shark Caught Off Mexico Coast Could Be Longest Great White Spotted

Fish Glow Green After Genetic Engineering

Bright Purple Crab Discovered in Philippines

Sea Lions May Be Removed from Endangered Species List

Deepwater Horizon aftermath: how much is a dolphin worth?

Black honeybees rediscovered in Britain

Kill on sight! Fire at will! Battleplan to defeat deadly hornets heading for UK

A world record attempt with a sting in the tail

Spider spotted eating snake in Australia

Rare UK butterflies 'bounce back'

Tennessee Africanized Bees Discovered After Beekeeper Stung

Gravity disturbs bees' dancing

Great Ape Heart Project: Zoo Atlanta's Satu The Orangutan Sits For Ultrasound

Trapped Orangutan Rescued From Snare In Indonesian Rainforest (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

Baboons recognise words on a screen

Orangutans show engineering skills when building nests

Sleep Soundly: Images of Primate Nests


Toddlers and Chimps 'Go With the Crowd'

Who Were the First 100 Chimpanzees in the United States?

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