Thursday, April 12, 2012

British Government Euthanizes 800 War Dogs

Meet Charlie The Great Dane


Missing Dog

Dog Jerky Deaths With No FDA Recall Prompt Campaign Against Nestle Purina

Postal service resumes for Hampton home after anti-cat cage fitted

When it comes to self-control, dogs and humans not all that different

'Soldier Dogs' tells the story of America's canine heroes. The British equivalent? British Government Euthanizes 800 War Dogs.

Super dog! Takes a bullet to save SI rob victim

Meet Marshmallow, the sweet month-old kitten who now weighs more than her fluffy namesake (at only ONE pound)

Crazed kitty attacks owner, smashes window to escape cops before being collared

Miracle moggy Tamba finally returns home...after five weeks locked in a summerhouse

The battle to save Israel's biblical-era desert dogs

African Wild Dogs: The Untamed Wolves of the South

World's First Stairlift for Obese Pets

Obese Pets Enter 'The Pet Fit Club,' A 'Biggest Loser' Style Competition

Labrador takes orphaned duckling under his wing

Sphynx Cat Not Ready For Its Closeup At International Cat Show

13 Boxing Cats That Will Knock You Out With Cuteness

10 fascinating facts about cats

The world's smallest puppy fits in a mug

German woman reunited with cat after 16 years

But These Are For Girls

Kitta Bread

Yes, animals were harmed: 21 films and TV shows that killed or hurt animals

Pet Rabbit Facts: 6 Things To Know About Bunnies

Baby Fennec Foxes Born At Palm Beach Zoo

5 Species You Won't Believe Are Related

World's Most Adorable Endangered Duck Species Makes a Comeback on Midway

Cameroon Stiffens Poaching Sentences in Effort to Discourage Poaching

The Terrible Impact of Tar Sand Mining on Bird Migration

Hen hatches ducklings after sitting on wrong eggs

Japan’s giant pandas mate sparking hopes of summer cubs

Pilot makes emergency landing after finding snake in cockpit

20 rabbit enthusiasts and their prize-winning fluffballs

Animal pictures of the week

Baby Bald Eagles Hatching on Live Webcam!

March hares box as biting wind sends wildlife to shelter

Beauty in the Beast: Exhibit Shows Off Animal Insides

Skin Shedders: A Gallery of Creatures That Molt

Extremely Rare Leopards Find Safe Spot in New Park

Let's Be Friends

You can do it!

The race to get rainforest frogs into arks

World's rarest ducklings Madagascan pochards hatch

Arizona woman's hobby may hold key to saving wild horses

Crocodile gets a prime spot in the sun after mistaking hippo for a rock

6 Animals with Immunities Humans Would Kill For

Owls to help solve cat-sized rat problem in South Africa

Australian volunteers take part in cane toad cull

Giraffes' coats provide age clue

Gallery: Rare and Beautiful Amur Leopards

Bat-Killing Fungus Likely Invaded from Europe

Florida's Invasive Pythons Now Devouring Bird Eggs

It's not me, it's you: new research shows male pandas may also be to blame for breeding failures

Walruses, seals and polar bears hit by mystery virus

After 8,000 miles, Martin the cuckoo is almost home

Can Hunting and Eating Iguana Help Florida's Native Wildlife?

Zoo-Bound Bear Escapes Back Into the Wild

Life as an Albatross Chick on Midway, in 20 Photos

Critically Endangered Baby Pygmy Hippo Takes Her First Swim

Rabbit Species Threatened By Climate Change

Animal Photos Of The Week

OR7 Lone Wolf Returns To California

New Florida Elephant Sanctuary: Officials Break Ground On 225-Acre Plot

Is This The Smallest Bunny Ever?

Is Animal Suicide Real Or Is There Another Explanation?

Hawaiian Monk Seals Find a Haven On Midway

The Acid Test: Armor-Covered Plankton Adapt to Warming World

New Suckermouth Armored Catfish Discovered

Can wearing magnets really repel sharks?

Bergen's Whale Hall: graveyard of giants

Honeybees Self-Medicate With Anti-Fungal Resins When Under Threat

The beautiful madness of the butterflies' dance

Caught In The Web

Endangered Blue Butterfly Receives Federal Protection

'Getting Naked' Helps Water Fleas Ditch Pesky Parasites

Soldier Bugs Protect Colony From Threats Large and Small

Being Bullied Impacts Monkey Immune System

Chimps Teach Bicycle Safety in This 1950s PSA (Video)

Proceeds From Disneynature’s "Chimpanzee" Will Benefit the Jane Goodall Institute

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