Thursday, April 19, 2012

The 2012 Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race

The secret lives of avalanche rescue cats

The health and beauty benefits of owning a dog

10 enviable upcycled pet beds

What your dog's breed says about you

Dog makes cameo appearance during news report

Dog Snoopy is best man at Sue and Michael Hopkins' Swansea church wedding

World's Smallest Dog 2012: Milly, The Puerto Rican Chihuahua

9 Cats On Catnip

Kasi And Mtani, Baby Cheetah And Puppy, Celebrate One-Year Friendship

Dogs Trust Honours: Life-saving Llanelli dachshund Ellie-May nominated

Dog is thatcher's rooftop companion

Are Pet Psychics Real?

'Simply breathtaking': Apple's growth profile in two charts

War Dogs of the World

West Hartford Officer Saves Choking Dog

Firefighters help stranded cat with Doritos bag on head

Cats at sea: 7 famous seafaring felines

Pet owners lock up cats indoors as anti-freeze killer claims 48th victim

The 33rd annual Drake Relays Beautiful Bulldog Contest

Blair, Oklahoma Labrador, Becomes Seeing Eye Dog For Blind Friend Tanner

Cop Shoots Dog: Untrained Officers Commit 'Puppycide'

Guide dog owner fined £80 for animal mess he couldn't see in Leicester park

Golden Retriever Rescue By LA Sheriff Reserves After Dog Became Dehydrated On Hike

Corky, Kitten Born With Criss-Crossed Legs, Saved By Breakthrough Leg Surgery


Artist banned from strangling puppies

Dog rescued from cactus finds new home

Dog walker saves pet from eagle attack


Real Life Scooby Doo

Woman 'bites dog'

Mutt Dog Photos: Mixed-Breed Dogs We Love

Horace, Lost Cat, Finds His Way Home After Three Weeks With Two Broken Legs

9 Fat Cats Getting Stuck In Things

14 Reasons Why Corgis Are The Smartest Animals In The World

10 Pugs Who Look Like Things

The 2012 Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race

Mini caravan is home for stray cat

Mickey Rourke to build massive animal shelter in Romania

The Unsolved Mystery of the Titanic Dogs

Hunt to find a home for loyal dog who refused to leave her friend after she was run over in Los Angeles traffic

History's greatest dogs

Car Trouble

Dog tied up in wrong place gets parking ticket

Common health issues in older cats

Dog that stood by fallen pal reunited with owners

Uncertain future for Japan's cat cafes

Blind dog living in trash pile is rescued, has vision restored

8 great cat tricks caught on camera

Tired Of Dog - Cat Photos Yet?

19 Cat Slumber Parties (PHOTOS)

Bo Obama: Three Adorable Years In The White House, Stumping For Four More

Austin Police Officer Fatally Shot Dog While Responding To Wrong House

Puppy Protection Act: Michigan Legislators Aim To Control Commercial Breeders, 'Puppy Mills'

How to help a child recover emotionally after a dog bite

Simpleton Dogs

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