Friday, April 20, 2012

12 Underappreciated (But Equally Precious) Bodily Fluids

8 bad brushing habits that harm your teeth

Woman nearly lost arm after black widow spider bite

'Universal' cancer vaccine developed

Boys and Brains and Genes

Man performs fecal transplant on himself

Veterans’ brain damage reveals the most detailed map of intelligence ever

Disrupted, insufficient sleep could lead to diabetes risk

The Richest, Fattest Nation on Earth (It's Not the United States)

Over-the-counter remedies for insect bites may not work

What does America's fat future look like? Infographic

New kind of memory trick may help drug addicts recover

The Seven Craziest Mental Diseases

12 Underappreciated (But Equally Precious) Bodily Fluids (via)

New Zealand firm to trial pig cells to treat Parkinson's

Ground breaking: Blood test that flags up cancers could save thousands of lives

Study identifies potential treatment for lethal childhood leukemia

Do Antipsychotics Shrink Your Brain? Should You Care?

'Universal' cancer vaccine developed

Exhaust fumes are twice as deadly as roads, study claims

Doctors fight to save baby with six legs

Banish Shin Splints Forever With One Magical Exercise

How I Made Sleep a Priority—And Got More Productive

How hot does water need to be when you wash your hands?

It Doesn’t Mean You’re Crazy – Talking to Yourself Has Cognitive Benefits, Study Finds

Danger of Dr Google: 25 per cent of women misdiagnose themselves on the internet

The Human Eye Can See in Ultraviolet When the Lens is Removed

New treatment for prostate cancer gives 'perfect results' for nine in ten men: research

Testosterone May Help Heart Failure Patients, Studies Suggest

10 Health Benefits Of Relaxation

'The stroke had turned me gay'

Doctors say fat people can live as long as thin ones

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