Thursday, March 08, 2012

Top Dog Names And Cat Names

Who, What, Why: How do cats survive falls from great heights?

Bad Doggie Breath? Chew on This

Kittens Dreaming: Adorable Cats Run, Twitch & Groom In Their Sleep

Dog took train in search of owner's girlfriend

Here comes the fuzz: 6 crime-stopping cats

Hank For Senate T-Shirts: Virginia Cat's U.S. Senate Campaign Selling New Items

San Diego Humane Society Shelter Shows How To Keep Rescues Comfortable

‘Beyonce’ Might Be World’s Tiniest Pup

Puppies Playing With Babies

Puppies You Need More Than A Man

Service Dog Facts: Things You Didn't Know About Animals That Aid The Disabled

Man bites police dog

Comfy Dog

Under surveillance

TP Cat

Cat Leaving A Job

Dogs Question

Pawn Your Pussy With Cat Converters

Why sheep, goats, octopuses and toads have rectangular pupils

30 Dogs Who Sleep Funny

Blind woman's heartbreaking search for blind kitten

How Many Cats Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb

Glamour Puss

Cumbrian firemen demolish wall to free wedged kitten

15 Cats Grooming Dogs

Caboodle Ranch Owner Craig Grant Wants 700 Cats Returned To His Care

Dearborn Animal Shelter Ladies Night Celebrates Women, Benefits Adoptable Pets

Meet Charlie The Great Dane


Missing Dog

Dog Jerky Deaths With No FDA Recall Prompt Campaign Against Nestle Purina

Postal service resumes for Hampton home after anti-cat cage fitted

When it comes to self-control, dogs and humans not all that different

'Soldier Dogs' tells the story of America's canine heroes. The British equivalent? British Government Euthanizes 800 War Dogs.

Super dog! Takes a bullet to save SI rob victim

Meet Marshmallow, the sweet month-old kitten who now weighs more than her fluffy namesake (at only ONE pound)

Crazed kitty attacks owner, smashes window to escape cops before being collared

Miracle moggy Tamba finally returns home...after five weeks locked in a summerhouse

The battle to save Israel's biblical-era desert dogs

African Wild Dogs: The Untamed Wolves of the South

World's First Stairlift for Obese Pets

Obese Pets Enter 'The Pet Fit Club,' A 'Biggest Loser' Style Competition

Labrador takes orphaned duckling under his wing

Sphynx Cat Not Ready For Its Closeup At International Cat Show

13 Boxing Cats That Will Knock You Out With Cuteness

10 fascinating facts about cats

The world's smallest puppy fits in a mug

German woman reunited with cat after 16 years

But These Are For Girls

Kitta Bread

Loyal Dog Simon Leads Rescuers To Owner's Fatal Accident Scene

Common Housecat Gives Birth to a Rare African Kitten

Cat Detects Owner's Breast Cancer Before Doctors, Saving Her Life

25 Vintage Cats And Dogs Dressed As People

Ten Fascinating Facts About Cats

Loud Rio put 'on loan' after neighbours launch cat fight

Foul-mouthed postie jailed for killing cat

The Dogs Of Iditarod

12 Funniest Peculiar Cats

First World Dog Problems

The Lost Pets of Fukushima: Photos

Bob the busking cat

Mystery of the dog poisoner: Horror as five pets in same street are killed by meat laced with pesticide

Here comes the fuzz: 6 crime-stopping cats

Is this the world's scariest cat? Sphynx monster looks more like a gremlin than a pussycat

Animal Psychologists Discover What Music Pets Prefer

Cat refuses to jog around lake; owner ticketed for leaving it behind

Newly Discovered Virus Linked to Deadly Kidney Disease in Cats

Luck of the Irish for Two Doomed Dogs

Della the talking dog calls out for attention when she's left alone

Door frame cat is watching you and Door frame cat infiltrates kitchen

The world’s 6 richest pets

Top Dog Names And Cat Names

Man invents device to feed dog using Twitter messages

The most comfortable seat in the house

Trampolining Yorkshire terrier goes crazy for pet hamster

2-year-old girl has four-legged lifeline

Japanese cat lovers snarl at new law

Plastic Surgery For Dog: Denise And David Smart Spend $13,000 On Junior The Bloodhound

How to Help Your Fat Cat Battle the Bulge

Pet Therapy: How Animals And Humans Heal Each Other

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