Thursday, March 01, 2012

Springfield Cat Runs for U.S. Senate

2 happy dogs. I hope they brighten your day.

Cat Punches Dog

6 Insane Dog Behaviors Explained by Evolution

Nice doggie

Sturgeon Bay cat saves owner's life

Mountain lion chased up tree by dog He's livin' the dream

4 Healthy Games To Play With Your Cat

Springfield Cat Runs for U.S. Senate

Lassie-like sheepdog saves pensioner's life

Captain Kitteh

This Old Age Pooch is deaf and so doddery he uses a pram - but there's life in the old dog yet

Zombie Cat (GIF)

Kabang the hero dog gets gifts and sympathy

China’s “Most Loyal Dog” Waits Outside for Owner for 4 Years

I'm With Stupid: The More Mutt the Merrier

AKC Top 10 Dog List: Labrador Retriever At Number One For 21st Straight Year

Dogs' Feet Studied: Heat Exchange System Researched By Japan Scientists

New Photos Show Endangered Snow Leopards in Kashmir

Strange New Leaf-Nosed Bat Found in Vietnam

These parrots have ceased to be

Giant Prehistoric Penguins Revealed: Big but Skinny

New Photos Show Endangered Snow Leopards in Kashmir

Bird Flu, Swine Flu … and Now Bat Flu?

Tiny, Shiny Lizard Discovered in Asian Forest

Beastly Academy Awards: Stars of the Animal Kingdom

Alaska hospital contends with nosey moose walking through its doors

Animal Photos Of The Week

Exotic Animal Smuggling Attempts: Photos

Animal pictures of the week: 24 February 2012

Heron falls victim to captive lion's hunting instict at Amsterdam zoo

New Colorful Lizard Surprises Scientists in Andes

Beasts of Burden: Amazing Horse Photos

'Alvin the chipmunk' found in Glasgow bin

Parrot fed on diet of beer and chips lost all his feathers

Bald Eagles Face a New Silent Threat

Nearly 500 Elephants Killed by Poachers in Cameroon in Two Months

'Dingo Ate My Baby' Case Nears Conclusion

Council powerless to stop grave-disturbing badgers in Swindon

OR-7, Lone Wolf In California, Inspires Conservationist Push

Mother Nature's Pop Science Guide to Birds

Crocodile bites off man's testes

Desperate race to save Astro

Ancient Warming Shrunk Horses to Housecat Size

Fortnightly bin collections 'lead to surge in rat population'

The woman who fosters elephants in Kenya

Famous starlings evicted

The Rising Threat of Urban Black Bears

15 Incredible Pics of Animal Treehuggers

The World's Strangest Animals

Watch an Adorable Polar Bear Cub Grow Up On Live Webcam

New moth species invades Italy's vineyards

Lobster 'the size of a small child' caught in Maine

Life Surprisingly Thrives Near Deepest Spot on Earth

Dolphins' Unique Whistles Say, 'Hey! Come Play!'

Humboldt squid's impressive dives

Squid can fly to save energy

Woman finds ancient artifact in baby shark

Huge Swarm of Gelatinous Sea Creatures Imaged in 3-D

Shallow Animals OK With Deep-Sea Pressures

US spends $50m on carp invasion

Threats to Whales You Can Help to Prevent

Wildlife Rehab Success Story: A Seal Pup Comes Home

Pregnant Monkeys Miscarry to Avoid Infanticide

Very first picture of newborn baby mountain gorilla

Image Gallery: Cute Gelada Monkeys

King of the swingers: how orang-utans are like free-runners

'Chimpanzee' Disney Film Lets Viewers See Chimps And Save Chimps

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