Thursday, March 08, 2012

Shayne, 51, World's Oldest Horse?

Disgraced Korean scientist unveils cloned coyotes

Rate My Rat allows you to rank your neighborhood NYC rats

Animal Photos Of The Week

Man Cuddles Lions In Zebra Colored Truck

Man rescued after three days trapped near crocodile infested waters

In Photos: The Wacky Animals of Madagascar
Amazing blind racehorse has won 19 times and €100,000 in prize money

Researchers solve Darwin's copycat evolution puzzle

More huge Gambian rats found on Grassy Key

Viking Invaders Brought Armies of Mice

Tagged cuckoo 'missing in action'

Nightingales quarrel at eye level

Pit Bulls And Cocker Spaniels Needing Homes -- A Cat And A Bunny, Too

Shearwaters take 'single sex' summer holidays

Lemur Lice Reveal Social Secrets

Man sues shops for refusing to serve him and his mini horse

Zoo Diet Linked to Dip in Baby Rhino Births

Grand Central's Gigantic Snake Amazes Commuters

Home-Field Advantage Helps Penguins in Warming Antarctic

The magpie and the crow: guile saves the day

Rare rhinos die from mysterious neurological problems

Happy Dancing Cows Celebrate the Arrival of Spring (Video)

The Week in Animal News: Orphaned Baby Manatee Rescued, Michigan Wolves Near Extinct and More

Turkey day at Brockton High -- bird crashes class

Top 5 Wild Bird Webcams

Orphaned Baby Owls Get New Home

Baby Giraffe Born At Bronx Zoo To Make Public Debut

Court upholds Yellowstone grizzly protections

8 animals helping humans save the planet

Kangaroo mauls woman walking dogs

Crow twice 'saves' baby pigeon from busy road

How animals see the world: Infographic

Donkeys Abandoned In Texas, Louisiana Due To Lingering Drought

7 Tech-Savvy Animals Show Off Their Skills

Animal Photos Of The Week

Drunkard animals: 5 creatures that consume fermented fruit or drinks

National Zoo Ferrets At Virginia Conservation Center On National Ferret Day

Hybrid Albatross Stands Out on Midway Atoll

Ban for man who sent terrapins through the post

Baby Bald Eagles Hatching on Live Webcam! (Updated)

Polar bear cub 'Anori' charms visitors at German zoo

A home for abandoned horses

Rare pygmy hippo born in South Africa

Edinburgh zoo pandas brought together to mate

RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch reveals starling decline

"Lost" Long-Fingered Frog Found in Africa

Messing with Mother Nature: The Macquarie Island Ecosystem

The Deer of Trinco (via)

The giant snake that stalked the Earth

Rabbits 'threat' to the Storr on Skye

New Video Shows Rare Snow Leopards in Kashmir

North east's first ospreys for 200 years start their fourth breeding season at Kielder Water

Crocodile attacks woman swimming off luxury tourist boat

Elephant uses trunk to play with Galaxy Note tablet

Horse gets frisky with policeman

Penguins make a splash from Olympic diveboard at London Zoo

Elephant runs away from circus in Ireland

African Wild Dogs: The Untamed Wolves of the South

Polar Bear Study Proves International PCB Ban Working

The Week in Animal News: Life on the Midway Atoll, Glowing Fish and More

Baby Aardvark Born At Busch Gardens: Ugliest Animal Ever?

Six-Legged Calf Is Instant Hit In Switzerland

Harry The Pygmy Hippo Warms Hearts As He Kisses Caregiver, Trots Around

Yes, animals were harmed: 21 films and TV shows that killed or hurt animals

Pet Rabbit Facts: 6 Things To Know About Bunnies

Baby Fennec Foxes Born At Palm Beach Zoo

5 Species You Won't Believe Are Related

World's Most Adorable Endangered Duck Species Makes a Comeback on Midway

Cameroon Stiffens Poaching Sentences in Effort to Discourage Poaching

The Terrible Impact of Tar Sand Mining on Bird Migration

Hen hatches ducklings after sitting on wrong eggs

Japan’s giant pandas mate sparking hopes of summer cubs

Pilot makes emergency landing after finding snake in cockpit

20 rabbit enthusiasts and their prize-winning fluffballs

Animal pictures of the week

Baby Bald Eagles Hatching on Live Webcam!

March hares box as biting wind sends wildlife to shelter

Beauty in the Beast: Exhibit Shows Off Animal Insides

Skin Shedders: A Gallery of Creatures That Molt

Extremely Rare Leopards Find Safe Spot in New Park

Let's Be Friends

You can do it!

The race to get rainforest frogs into arks

World's rarest ducklings Madagascan pochards hatch

Arizona woman's hobby may hold key to saving wild horses

Crocodile gets a prime spot in the sun after mistaking hippo for a rock

6 Animals with Immunities Humans Would Kill For

Owls to help solve cat-sized rat problem in South Africa

Australian volunteers take part in cane toad cull

Giraffes' coats provide age clue

Gallery: Rare and Beautiful Amur Leopards

Bat-Killing Fungus Likely Invaded from Europe

Florida's Invasive Pythons Now Devouring Bird Eggs

It's not me, it's you: new research shows male pandas may also be to blame for breeding failures

Walruses, seals and polar bears hit by mystery virus

After 8,000 miles, Martin the cuckoo is almost home

Can Hunting and Eating Iguana Help Florida's Native Wildlife?

Zoo-Bound Bear Escapes Back Into the Wild

Life as an Albatross Chick on Midway, in 20 Photos

Critically Endangered Baby Pygmy Hippo Takes Her First Swim

Rabbit Species Threatened By Climate Change

Animal Photos Of The Week

OR7 Lone Wolf Returns To California

New Florida Elephant Sanctuary: Officials Break Ground On 225-Acre Plot

Is This The Smallest Bunny Ever?

Is Animal Suicide Real Or Is There Another Explanation?

The Week in Animal News

One Female Left: Wolves May Go Extinct in Michigan National Park

Linus the Long-Haired Wonder Horse

SuperTruffles the guinea pig leaps into the record books

15 Ridiculously Adorable Baby Owls

Hibernating bears' wounds heal without scars

Crocodiles Have Strongest Bite Ever Measured, Hands-on Tests Show

Fox living high life in crow's nest

New frog species found hiding in NYC

Species Hitched Ride to Madagascar on Floating Islands

Viking Explorers Carried Fuzzy Stowaways, New Study Finds

Camera Traps Spot Mother Tiger and Cubs in India

Floating ferret rescued off Anglesey's Beaumaris Pier

HBO axes 'Luck’ After third horse dies

6 Ways Climate Change is Impacting Animals

Irish Animals at Risk: Photos

These 7 Adorable Animals Are In Danger (PHOTOS)

Animal Photos Of The Week

'Vomit Bird' Throws Up a Defense Against Predators

Horse Racing: The Pack Is Secret to Success

Save Animals While on Vacation: Photos
15st man 'mugged by fox'

Why Cats, Other Carnivores Don't Taste Sweets

Polar bears emerge from hibernation and spring into action

Indonesia's 'nightmare' zoo

Pirate-Eye Pigeons Reveal How the Brain Talks to Itself

Chorus Frog Blamed for Spreading Devastating Disease

Why little blue penguins 'show off'

20 Animal Pictures That Will Make You LOL

Hi Guys, I'm a Polar Bear

Man saves bear cub that had head stuck in jar

10 Bizarre Animal Sports

How Do You Ship A Horse To The London Olympics? Carefully, And Via FedEx

Saving frogs in a shipping container

Why Pooh Bear Loves Honey, But Tigger Doesn't

First Dinosaur Discovered in Spain Is Younger Than Believed

Final 100 ruddy ducks in the UK facing extermination

South Korean and Russian scientists bid to clone mammoth

Keeper films himself giving lion a paw massage

Half the world's seabirds are in decline, says report

Baby Otters So Cute That It Hurts (PHOTOS)

Japan Earthquake Anniversary: Struggling to Save Fukushima's Animals (PHOTOS)

Shayne, 51, World's Oldest Horse?

Animal Photos Of The Week

9 Animals With Funny Hidden Images In Their Fur

Curious owl contorts neck to peer at prowling photographer

Thrill-seeking German bears snapped hurtling down snowy slopes

War horse helps to clean up his own stable using broom

Now horses are threatened by deadly foreign virus

Tourists charged by grizzly bear in Alaska

Camouflaged camera films lions close up in Kenya's Masai Mara

Man mauled by lion at wildlife park

Japan Zoo On The Hunt For Runaway Penguin

We Bought a Zoo: the true story behind the film

Police dog attacks deer

Up to 900 tropical bird species could 'go extinct'

BTO survey suggests goldfinches visiting more gardens

Holly the doe is world's oldest and loves nothing more than eating mints

Saving desert tortoises is a costly hurdle for solar projects

Lioness gives birth to two mixed lion-tiger cubs and pure-bred lion cub seconds apart

Astonishing shot of frog leaping for his lunch captured by wildlife master photographer

'Britain's biggest fox' killed

"Cute" Tropical Camels: Prehistoric Species Found in Panama

Strange New Leaf-Nosed Bat Found in Vietnam

Brown bear exfoliates using rock as a tool

Man hospitalised after he's headbutted by a giraffe

The Scent of Fear: Birds Vomit to Warn Parents

Snow Leopard Poop Reveals Endangered Cats' Meals

Prime Real Estate for Sumatran Tigers? Lush Forests

Cheetah struggling to reproduce due to climate change, scientists warn

Here comes trouble: the return of the wild boar to Britain

Dartmoor ponies to go on the pill

Seagulls blamed for causing town's street lighting to stay on 24 hours a day

The Rising Threat of Urban Black Bears

15 Incredible Pics of Animal Treehuggers

Rats! Clever, Caring and Incredibly Cute

The World's Strangest Animals

Two-Headed Tortoise Takes The Spotlight In Ukraine

The 26 Happiest Animals In The World

Laughing owl seems to find life a hoot

Terrified pensioner stalked by 25-pound turkey called Godzilla

Rich Chinese thrill seekers paying £50,000 for ‘trip of a lifetime…’ to kill endangered polar bears

The Week in Animal News: Boiling Bees, the Battle for Manatees and More

Nearly 450 Elephants Killed in Cameroon

Future Of Zoos: Cloned Animals, Robots and Cageless Habitats Under Consideration

9 Animals Pretending To Be People

On The Lookout For Galapagos Wildlife

Top 10 Zoo Escapes

Montana Wolves Killed In Hunting Season, But Population Still Grew

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