Thursday, March 29, 2012

Comfy Dog

Who, What, Why: How do cats survive falls from great heights?

Bad Doggie Breath? Chew on This

Kittens Dreaming: Adorable Cats Run, Twitch & Groom In Their Sleep

Dog took train in search of owner's girlfriend

Here comes the fuzz: 6 crime-stopping cats

Hank For Senate T-Shirts: Virginia Cat's U.S. Senate Campaign Selling New Items

San Diego Humane Society Shelter Shows How To Keep Rescues Comfortable

‘Beyonce’ Might Be World’s Tiniest Pup

Puppies Playing With Babies

Puppies You Need More Than A Man

Service Dog Facts: Things You Didn't Know About Animals That Aid The Disabled

Man bites police dog

Comfy Dog

Under surveillance

TP Cat

Cat Leaving A Job

Disgraced Korean scientist unveils cloned coyotes

Rate My Rat allows you to rank your neighborhood NYC rats

Animal Photos Of The Week

Man Cuddles Lions In Zebra Colored Truck

Man rescued after three days trapped near crocodile infested waters

In Photos: The Wacky Animals of Madagascar

Amazing blind racehorse has won 19 times and €100,000 in prize money

Researchers solve Darwin's copycat evolution puzzle

More huge Gambian rats found on Grassy Key

Viking Invaders Brought Armies of Mice

Tagged cuckoo 'missing in action'

Nightingales quarrel at eye level

Pit Bulls And Cocker Spaniels Needing Homes -- A Cat And A Bunny, Too

Shearwaters take 'single sex' summer holidays

Lemur Lice Reveal Social Secrets

Man sues shops for refusing to serve him and his mini horse

Zoo Diet Linked to Dip in Baby Rhino Births

Grand Central's Gigantic Snake Amazes Commuters

Home-Field Advantage Helps Penguins in Warming Antarctic

The magpie and the crow: guile saves the day

Rare rhinos die from mysterious neurological problems

Happy Dancing Cows Celebrate the Arrival of Spring (Video)

The Week in Animal News: Orphaned Baby Manatee Rescued, Michigan Wolves Near Extinct and More

Turkey day at Brockton High -- bird crashes class

Top 5 Wild Bird Webcams

Orphaned Baby Owls Get New Home

Baby Giraffe Born At Bronx Zoo To Make Public Debut

Court upholds Yellowstone grizzly protections

8 animals helping humans save the planet

Kangaroo mauls woman walking dogs

Homer Simpson And This Stargazer Fish: Are They Related?

Mother Saves Daughter From Shark Attack

This Swordfish Pierced the Skin of a Deep Sea Submarine

Whales Have Sonar "Beam" for Targeting Prey

Bottlenose dolphins: 'Gangs' run society, scientists say

NZ dolphin survival boosted by Marine Protected Area

Newly Discovered Hammerhead Shark's 'Twin' Sparks Concern

High Number of Sick Dolphins May Be Linked to Gulf Oil Spill

Ancient Beluga Whales Enjoyed Warm Waters

Rare Russian Whale Tracked to Mexico, a First for Science

The battle against a killer crustacean with an appetite for destruction

Is the U.S. Navy Accidentally Bombing Killer Whales?

Mama Chimps Teach Kids To Communicate With Humans

Mystery Monkey Makes Itself At Home In a Florida Business Park

Robert Matson Conyers, Research Monkey Importer, Faces Cruelty Charges

Stolen monkey returned to San Francisco Zoo

Bizarre "King of Wasps" Found in Indonesia

The mutant fruit flies that tell us about human disease

Pond skaters' feet inspire buoyant new material

Wernerius Inyoensis, Death Valley Scorpion Species, Discovered Hundreds Of Miles From Relatives

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