Thursday, February 09, 2012

Orangutans Eat Slow Lorises When Plants Are Scarce

Cruel couple facing jail for 'appalling' neglect of sheepdog which became trapped in its own matted hair and had to be put down

Feline Physics: Why Cats Can Survive Falls From Great Heights

How Much Is That Doggy Worth? (Infographic)

Follow the leader

Valley woman saved by her dog

Battle over cat ownership collapses after 'star witness' dog dies

What If All the Cats in the World Suddenly Died?

Cats Sleeping

Meet Harold The Cat, Who Walks Around Old Town Alexandria On A Leash (PHOTOS)

Dog Breeding And Canine Diversity (PHOTOS)

Animal Photos Of The Week

Mountain Lion Attacks Boy At Big Bend National Park In Texas

Cute Maned Wolf Pups Born

10 Adorable Baby Animals That Grow Up To Be Deadly Predators

Life in Leaf Litter: Finding Tiny Frogs

Pictures: Bird Mummies "Fed" After Death, Stuffed With Snails

5 Reasons Rats Are Way Scarier Than You Think

Namibia sponge fossils are world's first animals: study

Oldest Animal Discovered—Earliest Ancestor of Us All?

Guinea Pigs Were Widespread as Elizabethan Pets

Unique Andes Species Lack Protection, Study Finds

Lizards Released and Stranded on Islands Show Evolution at Work

Lizard survives washing machine spin

Elephants 'should be drafted in to stop Australian bushfires'

Bird numbers plummet around stricken Fukushima plant

Baby Milk Snake Hatches from its Egg

Previous 20 Cute Koalas Precariously Catching Some Zs

Infested!: Hundreds of Rats Living in Ceiling

Top 5 Weird and Freaky Animal Photos

Puerto Rico Wants to Feed You Its 4 Million Iguanas

The Week in Animal News: Powerful Sea Cucumber Poo, Giant Pythons Invade Florida and More

Hundreds of Previously Unknown Species Discovered in Peru

Conservationists Optimistic About Rare Rhino Pregnancy

Candy-Coated Frogs Carry Deadly Kick

Jurassic cricket's song recreated

Ladybird decline driven by 'invading' harlequin

Spider silk's flexibility makes webs super-strong

Beetle Sperm Teams Up To Navigate Females' Bodies

First 'Vampire' Bat Fly Fossil Discovered

Tourists to use cameras to help save Tasmanian devil

Prehistoric Atlantic Sturgeon Newest Addition to the Endangered Species List

Stranded dolphins in Cape Cod baffle scientists

Sea Turtle Baby Boom Smashes Record

Pictures: "Supergiant," Shrimp-Like Beasts Found in Deep Sea

SeaWorld sued over 'enslaved' killer whales

In pictures: Glowing deep sea discoveries

Whales 'stressed by ocean noise'

Corals inflate to escape being buried alive in sand

Why There Are So Few Fish in the Sea

Fatal Shark Attacks See Spike in 2011

Seal Mummies Reveal Surprising Rapid Antarctic Changes

Strange Life Found in Underwater Caves

News of Jellyfish Takeover Unfounded, Scientists Say

Plastic Pollution in the Oceans is Causing Problems for Whales, too

Tiny Crab Unintentionally Makes Awesome Sand Art (Photos)

Chimps Can Get Inside Others' Heads Just Like Humans

Zoo in Kazakhstan gives monkeys red wine to ward off flu

World's Highest-Pitched Primate Calls Out Like a Bat

Orangutans Eat Slow Lorises When Plants Are Scarce, Research Suggests

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