Thursday, February 02, 2012

How To Beat Up Animals When Animals Attack

I'm on my way

Cat in the cockpit grounds Toronto-bound airplane

How To Beat Up Animals When Animals Attack

Hero dog Labradoodle Monty saves owner Maurice Holder’s life

Adorable video of dog transfixed by Marmaduke movie becomes latest internet sensation

Beware of Dog

Family cat may have frightened off hairy gunman in New Hampshire

Undercover dog wardens to crackdown on dog fouling

Tubby tabby becomes country's first cat to get knee-replacement surgery

How Much Is That Doggy Worth? (Infographic)

5 Hiking Trails for Dogs in Los Angeles

Kansas State Dog: Cairn Terrier, 'Toto' Breed, Pushed To Become Official Symbol

17 Cats Sitting In Things

18th Century mummified kitty falls out of ceiling as house is being renovated

6-Legged Lamb Born in Velistsikhe, Georgia

Elusive Snow Leopards Photographed, Steal Camera

House Mice Serenade Mates with 'Bird' Song

Ancient Crocodile Wore Shield on Its Head

The RSPB big garden birdwatch begins

Both Edinburgh Zoo pandas out of public view due to colic

Search for black squirrels begins

New-Species Pictures: Cowboy Frog, Armored Catfish, More

Farmer's joy at birth of six-legged lamb

Snake dies from baby's bite

Animals Get The Upper Paw, or Hoof, or Claw

The Funniest Animal Photobombs Ever

Mouse to elephant? Just wait 24 million generations

Pythons apparently wiping out Everglades mammals

Poachers threaten elephant numbers in Thailand

Polar bear Walker lured on scales with mackerel

Litter of Rare, Scruffy-Necked Wolf Pups Born in Virginia

Terry Pratchett warns Britain's hedgehogs and sparrows are dying out

Plan to 'bomb' Montecristo with rat pellets may be blocked

Black squirrels could outnumber reds in England

British zoos put on alert over rising threat of rhino rustlers

Farmers on red alert over outbreaks of new livestock disease

Groundhog Day: The Weather-Predicting Woodchuck!

When Reptile Scales Resemble Beautiful Mosaics

Animal Hoarding: Sleeping with Snakes

Why Bats Need a 'Happy Hour' and Swedes Try to Comply

Humans Tamed Horses All Over the World

Stunning Images of Rare Albino Hummingbird: Big Pic

Is the Tasmanian Tiger Alive?

Why Some Animals Are Fatter Than Others

Seabirds: The Other Seafood Lovers

Bilious Cruelty Against Bears in the Name of Medicine

6 Extremely Rare National Animals

Animal Photos Of The Week

Blue Whales Keep Getting Bigger

The Surprisingly Sociable Lives of Sharks

Previous 25 Most Colorful Sea Slugs on Earth

First Recording of Deep-Sea Fish Reveals Grunts & Quacks

Humans' Taste for Dolphins & Manatees on the Rise

Fairyfly Wasp Prospers After Sneaking into US

Spider's Detachable Penis Finishes Without Him

Eight Sea Lions Found Shot to Death in Washington

See the World as a Shrimp Views It

A Safe Haven for Leatherbacks

Turtles Nesting In The South Pacific (PHOTOS)

Miami Seaquarium Saves Manatee And Sea Turtles From Red Tide Poisoning

Hedgerows direct the flight of the bumblebee

Pesticide May Give Honeybee Virus an Advantage

'Wallflower' Beetles Get Less Action At The Mating Dance

Jumping Spiders' Unique Vision Revealed

Insects Top Newly Discovered Species List

The Mother of All Moths!

Jim And Donita Clark, Louisiana Monkey Owners, Flee Exotic Animal Crackdown

97 per cent human: photographs of primates by Anup Shah and Fiona Rogers

Gorillas grin 'to reassure friends'

Near-Extinct Monkeys Found in Colombian Park

Rebel hero who has 'betrayed' the last of Aceh's orang-utans

Supermom Primates Raise Twins

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