Thursday, February 23, 2012

Festus the Three-Legged Therapy Dog

Dead dog offered credit card

Desperate hunt for 'trapped cat' in 30-storey tower block due to be blown up

Thieves steal dead dog's diamond collar from pet cemetery

Man accused of killing and eating neighborhood pets

DOGTV The First Television Channel for dogs

A man left badly hurt after his car crashed down a hillside was saved when his faithful dog ran half a mile to raise the alarm

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show: Pet-Friendly Hotels In New York City

Dog From Above Bears Striking Resemblance To Certain Body Part

First Lady And Dog Bo Welcome Surprised School Kids At White House

Mirror, signal, manoeuvre

Vain Cat

Six little pigs find new mum - a bulldog

They Call it Puppy Love and These Pets Have Got it!

Malachy, The Pekingese Who Won Best in Show: Big Pic

The Dog Walkers Of Buenos Aires (PHOTOS)

Festus the Three-Legged Therapy Dog

Animal Misconceptions That May Surprise You

Zimbabwe Tortoises Eaten By Chinese Tourists

Bouba Ndjida National Park Elephants Killed In Poaching Spree, Activists Claim

Entire Village in India Relocates to Make Room For Tigers

Fossil Footprints Reveal Oldest Elephant Herd

Trossachs barn owl numbers boosted by 'vole feast'

Animals Doing People Things

25 Goats Riding on Horses

Dormouse saved after walking into tea shop

Plastic peril duck saved - by a duck

The Hyrax – The Elephant’s Cousin

As Bear Population Grows, More States Look At Hunts

Pictures: New Amphibians Without Arms or Legs Discovered

Why Some Poison Frogs Taste Bittersweet When Licked

Pictures: Miniature Chameleons Discovered—Fit on Match Tip

Goat kids can develop 'accents'

Crime chiefs agree to get tough on illegal tiger trade

Norway driver stopped with five reindeer in car

Goodness Snakes! Sociable Rattlers Cuddle With Their Kin

Image Gallery: The Social Lives of Rattlesnakes

Australia's Struggling Marsupial: Photos of the Tasmanian Devil

Tasmanian Devil Cancer Traced Back to 'Immortal' Devil Girl

Flight Record: Songbirds Trek 9,000 Miles to Africa

The week in wildlife – in pictures

Angry birds? These lost species have every right to be...

Rats! Clever, Caring and Incredibly Cute

The World's Strangest Animals

Husky's Sad Ordeal in Wolf Trap Highlights the Horrors of Predator Control

The Week in Animal News: Inspiring Penguin Love, Rhesus Monkeys Gone Wild and More

Animal Rights In China Get Boost From Celebrity Activists And Shifting Attitudes

Dalmatian Pelicans In Caspian Sea Fed After Water Freezes

Animal Photos Of The Week

Otter Casts Worries To The Heavens, Prays

Ringling Brothers Bullhook Use Will Not Be Blocked In Atlanta Despite Local Ban

This Week's Adorable Adoptable Animals: Bunnies

Maryland's Turtles, Tadpoles, Salamanders Face Deadly Virus

Ambergris, Sperm Whale Poop, Is Almost Literally Worth Its Weight In Gold

Scientists Thrilled With Rare Whale's Remarkable Journey

Nurse shark birth captured on camera in China

'Abyss Box' to keep deep animals

Beluga whale sightings in SNH marine renewables report

Sea lion test to probe declines

Why Are So Many Dolphins Beaching Themselves?

Europe votes to ban seal product trade

Cuttlefish Use Humanlike Vision to Choose Camouflage

Turtles 'face extinction' without marine protection

Sea lions: not big Shakira fans

Threats to Whales You Can Help to Prevent

Coral Reef Cam Shows Where Large Fish Hang Out

Bangladesh Establishes New Sanctuaries to Protect Endangered River Dolphins

Even Sharks Make Friends

KE18 Hawaiian Monk Seal Sent To Waikiki Aquarium To Save Species

Spider Vs Wasp: A Deadly Battle in Pictures

Save our bees: scientists reveal the plants that could halt bee decline

Primitive and Eyeless, World's Deepest Land Animal Discovered Ants remember their enemy's scent

Flies Get Drunk to Kill Off Parasites

Pair of Male Gorillas Escape Zoo Enclosure Looking For Romance

Pittsburgh Zoo's New Baby Gorilla Is First Born There Since 2001

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