Monday, February 20, 2012

Doctors to remove parasitic twin found in Peruvian toddler's stomach

Mummy Pictures: Secrets of Stunning 19th-Century Heads Revealed

The snake bite that can reverse the effects of puberty (if you manage to survive it)

Vitals - Microwave popcorn bag chemicals ruin vaccine efficacy

Soon, You May Download New Skills to Your Brain

Fetal Armor: How the Placenta Shapes Brain Development

Doctors to remove parasitic twin found in Peruvian toddler's stomach

Scientists call for curbs on own research on deadly bird flu virus

It's Not Solitaire: Brain Activity Differs When One Plays Against Others

Touring the Hospital of Tomorrow

Is Angry Birds Keeping Your Brain Healthy? [STUDY]

Newborn becomes world's youngest to have heart surgery

Canadian-made HIV vaccine approved for human testing

Hospital to display selection of objects removed from patients bodies

In the 1940s, US doctors deliberately infected thousands of Guatemalans with venereal diseases. The wound is still raw.

Cancer drug reverses Alzheimer's in mice: study

Timeline of the Ancient Origins of Plastic Surgery

From Text Neck to Hogwarts Headache: 6 Injuries for the Modern Era

The Miraculous NASA Breakthrough That Could Save Millions of Lives

New device hacks into blind people’s visual cortex to let them "see"

Malaria deaths drop, but disease may be more lethal than we thought

DNA robot could kill cancer cells

How Mitochondrial DNA Defects Cause Inherited Deafness

'Cancer-causing' chemical used in plastics and food containers can also lead to obesity and diabetes, says study

The Worst Shoes for Your Feet

Can’t get enough sleep? You could be at risk for Alzheimer’s

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