Thursday, January 19, 2012

Monkeys Devise a Tool to Break Out of Zoo in Brazil

Cat Gif Page

Woman, 85, critical after being hit by falling cat

Pet dogs keep their feet from freezing

Police set up rolling roadblock to rescue cat stuck 50ft up motorway sign

Acrobatic dog balancing on chain

Harrowing Dog Tales Shed Light on Mexico's Strays

Ex-Bomb-Sniffing Dog Caught After Airport Escape

Man tells court it was dog who strangled wife

Architects for Animals' creative cat shelters

Golden Collars Awards: Dog News Daily Dogs In TV & Film Awards Announced

Dogs At Weddings: Tweeters Share Stories

Police Remove 82 Dogs From Home In Rural Indiana


Dog can't reach pedals

Thai navy rescue over 750 dogs destined for cooking pots in Vietnam

Animal Photos Of The Week

The Extinction of the Passenger Pigeons: How Man Destroyed A Species

'Extinct' tortoise found living in the Galapagos

Thousands of horses abandoned by owners last year

Bird 'surfing' down snowy rooftop is internet hit

The Baby Bird Project: rescued chicks photographed by Gavin Parsons

Ornithologists seek to answer riddle of white blackbirds and pink sparrows

Boas Time Their Big Squeeze to Prey's Heartbeat

Two-headed piglet becomes a sensation in China

Stroud deer carcass tested for 'big cat activity'

"White," Albino-like Penguin Found in Antarctica

World's Smallest Frog Found—Fly-Size Beast Is Tiniest Vertebrate

Aye-aye lemur 'heats up' its special foraging finger

Lost Charles Darwin fossils rediscovered in cabinet

2 Skulls Help Unlock Secrets to Ancient Big Bears

Scientists Uncover How Dainty Rhino Feet Support Huge Bodies

Science Shields Bats from Wind-Turbine Accidents

New Lemur Climbs out of Hiding in Madagascar

Horses jump through bonfires at Luminarias festival

Fears for bat populations as millions die from fungal disease

RNLI lifeboat crews rescue pony after cliff fall

Albatross boosted by Climate Change, study suggests

Island of Montecristo to be bombed with poison after rat infestation

Two pandas fly to France from China

Get with the beasts: a big game hunter's guide to modern Britain

Giant panda at Edinburgh Zoo sick with colic

Previous 13 Adorable Baby Kangaroos Peeking Out of Their Mothers' Pouches

Staring into the Beautiful Cold-Blooded Eyes of Reptiles

Udderly ridiculous? Russian cows to wear bras

How Can We Save More Seabirds? Foraging Pattern Analysis is Key

Giant Vegetarian Panda Eats Meat (Photos)

FAA Allows Whooping Cranes To Resume Migration Flight to Florida

Collar Camera Offers Unique Glimpse of Life as a Grizzly Bear

Rate the Subway Rat: Photos

Great Animal Rescues: Advocates Help Animals Across The World (PHOTOS)

Snowy Owls Migration: Birds Moving From Arctic To Central U.S. In Search Of Food

Jenny Ross, Polar Bear Photographer, Describes Uncertain Fate Of Animals In Russian Arctic (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

Woman moves pet horse into her living room after falling out with neighbours

Watch 30 giant hornets take out 30,000 honey bees

Female Beetle Can Manipulate Offspring's Sex

Bootylicious Fly Gets Named Beyoncé

StarStruck: Species Named After Celebrities

Slugs and snails munch their way back as top pests

Previous 12 Most Improbable Insect-Reptile Relationships

Dolphins and Whales Engage in Rare Interspecies Play (Video)

Surfer bitten to death by a shark at South African beach dubbed 'the world's deadliest'

Sharks Eating Songbirds in Gulf of Mexico

Meet the incredible smiling seal! How an intrepid photographer crawled across the ice on his stomach to get these amazing images

Ensign Flipper? Dolphins in the U.S. Navy

Pictures: Brainless, Faceless "Fish" Among Scottish Sea Finds

Female Fish Attracted to Well-Fed Mates

10 Marine Species on the Brink of Mass Extinction Due to Ocean Acidification

Dead Fur Seals Wash Up on Australian Beach

Great White Shark Circles Fishing Boat Off Oahu, Hawaii (VIDEO)

Seal Rehabilitation And Research Center In Netherlands Saving Orphaned Pups

Loggerhead Sea Turtle Released After Angry Puffer Fish Removed From Its Throat (PHOTOS)

Monkeys Devise a Tool to Break Out of Zoo in Brazil

First Pictures: Live Snub-Nosed Monkeys Caught on Camera

Monkeys' many faces

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