Thursday, January 26, 2012

John Lennon Was a Crazy Cat Lady

John Lennon Was a Crazy Cat Lady

Abused three-legged dog learns to surf

Phoenix man accused of skinning, eating cat

The Plight of India's Pariah Dogs

Dogs Looking Out Windows

Chinese blogger rescues 1,137 dogs intended to be killed for food from crammed flatbed truck

Uncle Chichi, Unofficial World's Oldest Dog, Dies After Living More Than 24 Years

Puppy Bowl 2012: Starting Lineups, Photos Revealed

Brave Dog, Tucker, Saves Family From Fire

Dog survives after lead gets caught in lift door with owner on the other side

85-year-old Alaska woman fights off moose with a shovel

Elephant herd grieves for baby who died of a heart defect

9 Musically Talented Pets

Terry Thompson, Ohio Exotic Animal Owner, Was Upset Over House Arrest, Police Say

Animal Photos Of The Week

Snow Leopard Discovery In Tajikistan Shows Need For Conservation

When Reptile Scales Resemble Beautiful Mosaics

Rejected polar bear cub hand-reared in China

How China is driving the grim rise in illegal ivory

Why Some Animals Are Fatter Than Others

Thoroughbred Racehorses Get Speed from Just a Few Ancestors

Sumatran Elephants Pushed Toward Extinction

Crayola Katydid & Cowboy Frog Among 46 Newfound Jungle Species

Prosthetic leg puts lamb back on its feet

Pictures: Animals That Blocked Keystone XL Pipeline Path

So why the long tongue? Horse has pioneering surgery to remove melon-sized tumour on her jaw

Indonesian Girl Eaten By Crocodile

Who's the deer killer? National Trust says DNA trail may lead to wild cat

Frozen Planet cameraman Doug Allan's life in pictures

All-white blackbird photographed

Giant pandas settle into their new home in France

Lab-Grown Clones Could Save Species From Extinction

World's First Iridescent Mammal Discovered

Invasive Species In North America (PHOTOS)

11 Seagulls Stealing Stuff

Keystone XL: Animals That Stood In The Pipeline's Path

Hamster 'Hoarder': Man Surrenders 94 Pets To Animal Shelter

In pictures: How elephants cool off overnight

The Shameful Secret of the US Navy's Dolphin Soldiers

Fight to save whales stranded in New Zealand

Swallowed by a whale — a true tale?

World's Largest Turtle Gets New Protected Swimming Grounds

Dolphins May Sleep-Talk in Whale-Song

Cavefish Not Blind to Attractions of Surface-Dwelling Cousins

Rare Sea Creature Appears on Seattle Woman's Dock

Killer Whales Targeting Sea Lion Pups, Alarming Scientists

Anti-whaling activists clash with Japan harpoon ship

'Big Miracle' Movie: Whales' Rescuer Recalls Work In 1980s

Expedition White Shark App Lets You Track Great Whites

Chinese doctors remove volleyball from dolphin's stomach

Dung Beetle Dances On Ball Of Poop For Celestial Navigation

The Beauty and Brilliance of Termite Mound Architecture

Fairyfly Wasp Prospers After Sneaking into US

A Bored Gorilla Takes His Kids to the Zoo (Video)

Scientists Accidentally Discover Rare Monkey Previously Thought Extinct

Pictures: "Extinct" Monkeys With Sideburns Found in Borneo

Supermom Primates Raise Twins

Blackpool Zoo uses glitter to identify gorilla poo

Strange endangered primates you may have never heard of

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