Thursday, January 05, 2012

Funny Monkey Pictures

Baby Saki Monkey Born At Brevard Zoo

Orang-utans use iPads to communicate

Rarest gorillas caught in camera trap

Orang-utan who gnawed off own hand to escape trap recovers

Great Ape Heart Project: Zoo Atlanta's Satu The Orangutan Sits For Ultrasound

Trapped Orangutan Rescued From Snare In Indonesian Rainforest (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

Baboons recognise words on a screen

Orangutans show engineering skills when building nests

Sleep Soundly: Images of Primate Nests


Toddlers and Chimps 'Go With the Crowd'

Who Were the First 100 Chimpanzees in the United States?

Bigger Male Gorillas Make Better Mates and Fathers

Mama Chimps Teach Kids To Communicate With Humans

Mystery Monkey Makes Itself At Home In a Florida Business Park

Robert Matson Conyers, Research Monkey Importer, Faces Cruelty Charges

Stolen monkey returned to San Francisco Zoo

Aceh, Indonesia Orangutans Threatened By Forest Fires And Land Clearing

Being Bullied Impacts Monkey Immune System

Chimps Teach Bicycle Safety in This 1950s PSA (Video)

Proceeds From Disneynature’s "Chimpanzee" Will Benefit the Jane Goodall Institute

Ageing gorilla gets pet rabbit named Panda

Project to protect rare Burmese monkey gets new funding

Female bonobos 'advertise' homosexual bonds

Gorilla Reported At Large in Alabama

Exotic Monkey Is Extra Sensitive to Warming

Humans and gorillas share genetic similarities

Bonsai tree trade closing net on near-extinct Vietnamese monkey

Chimpanzee Behavior Study Suggests They Help One Another, But Only When Asked

Gorillas grin like us, but mean something different

World's Highest-Pitched Primate Calls Out Like a Bat

Bubbles The Chimpanzee Loves Her Valentine's Day Gift From Zoo Miami Staff (PHOTOS)

Pair of Male Gorillas Escape Zoo Enclosure Looking For Romance

Pittsburgh Zoo's New Baby Gorilla Is First Born There Since 2001

Wild Gorillas Groom U.S. Tourist in Uganda

Chimpanzees consider their audience when communicating

Funny Monkey Pictures

Eyewitness: orangutan surgery

Apes 'gamble like humans by calculating odds'

Coffee With Vervet Monkeys In Limpopo, South Africa

Todd Bieber, Comedian, Documents Encounter With Orphan Monkey Babies In Costa Rica

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