Thursday, January 05, 2012

Fly Parasite Turns Honeybees Into Zombies

Bee Colony Collapse Disorder: New Study Suggests Mass Extinction Not Occurring, Little Actually Known

Dinosaur-Era Insects Frozen in Time During Oldest Pollination

Nature's big picture: Beetle tracking

The dead-nettle and the bumblebee: a match made in heaven

Black honeybees rediscovered in Britain

Kill on sight! Fire at will! Battleplan to defeat deadly hornets heading for UK

A world record attempt with a sting in the tail

Spider spotted eating snake in Australia

Rare UK butterflies 'bounce back'

Tennessee Africanized Bees Discovered After Beekeeper Stung

Gravity disturbs bees' dancing

Beware dangerous caterpillar, says Forestry Commission

Extinct short-haired bumblebee to be reintroduced in England

5 Most Horrible Bugs around the Earth

Why cockroaches need their friends

Family disputes create rebel bees

Giant Flea-like Insect Pest Plagued Dinosaurs

Man Relocates 30,000 Bees Found Living in an Attic

Mosquitoes Blamed For Captive Killer Whale Deaths

Bizarre "King of Wasps" Found in Indonesia

The mutant fruit flies that tell us about human disease

Pond skaters' feet inspire buoyant new material

Wernerius Inyoensis, Death Valley Scorpion Species, Discovered Hundreds Of Miles From Relatives

Photographing bees offers a great insight into their fascinating world

How Butterflies Adapt When Climate Changes

Pesticides hit queen bee numbers

Butterfly Gallery: Beautiful Wings Take Flight

Sick Ants Help Vaccinate Colonies, Study Suggests

Bees Self-Medicate To Fight Off Fungus

Fireflies' Unique Flashes Help Distinguish Species

Japanese honeybees cook enemy in 'hot defensive bee ball'

Honeybees Self-Medicate With Anti-Fungal Resins When Under Threat

The beautiful madness of the butterflies' dance

Caught In The Web

Endangered Blue Butterfly Receives Federal Protection

'Getting Naked' Helps Water Fleas Ditch Pesky Parasites

Soldier Bugs Protect Colony From Threats Large and Small

Non-stick spiders take delicate steps

The Secret Life of Bees

Insect Outbreaks Kill Forests and Release Carbon

Jewel-Colored Flies Spell Death for Baby Spiders

Spider silk spun into violin strings

Millions of spiders spin ghostly grid of cobwebs in Australian field

Bees' flight paths are disturbed by predators

Giant Bloodsuckers! Oldest Fleas Discovered

20 Incredible Praying Mantis Pictures

Incredible Video Shows the Beauty of Urban Beekeeping

6 Insect Predators That Go Out of Their Way to Be Evil

Bees Are Thrill-Seekers, Too

Some of planet's quietest creatures captured on tape

Antsy fantasy: Russian photographer creates a fairytale world with obliging insects

Bee-rustling: Thieves steal 5,000 honeybees from Houston restaurant

Honeybee Deaths Linked to Corn Insecticides

"Hot Bee Balls" Cook Enemy Hornets—But How Do Bees Endure the Heat?

Hornet-killing honeybees’ brain activity measured

Up Close & Personal: A Bedbug Album

Early Spring Is Bad News for Butterflies

Birth Control For Insects: Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes in the Florida Keys?

Fairyfly Wasp Prospers After Sneaking into US

Spider's Detachable Penis Finishes Without Him

Endangered Miami Blue Butterfly Vanishes From Last Florida Refuge; Iguanas Blamed, Hunted

"Vampire" Parasite Found Entombed in Amber

10 Frightening Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Ants

An insect's-eye view of flowers

Honeybees tell hornet predators to buzz off

Love gifts in the animal kingdom

Spider Vs Wasp: A Deadly Battle in Pictures

Save our bees: scientists reveal the plants that could halt bee decline

Primitive and Eyeless, World's Deepest Land Animal Discovered

Ants remember their enemy's scent

Flies Get Drunk to Kill Off Parasites

Is the City the Future for Honeybees? America's Only Urban Beekeeping Store Owner Thinks So

'Tis the Season: Gallery of Festive Insects

Crafty Caterpillars Mimic Each Other to Avoid Predators

Fossils Reveal Secrets of Insects' Weird Ears

Fly Parasite Turns Honeybees Into Zombies

Male Spiders Let Mates Eat Them for Kids' Sake

Fruit Flies Levitated to Help Astronauts

Well, it worked for Peter Parker: genetic scientists unleash power of the spider web

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